How to Choose a Safe YouTube Video Downloader?

YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube Video Downloader: Music streaming has been one of the favorite leisure time activities for a lot of people. With the advent of YouTube, both streaming and surfing became extremely easy and fun. The YouTube community has slowly and gradually developed into our solution for free online video content. The platform has become such an integral portion of our lives. YouTube has become the most powerful viewer platform in contemporary times and has made the television redundant for a billion viewers. A recent study suggests that as of 2019, music is still the most-watched content on YouTube. This means that more people are watching music rather than hearing it.

Though the recent updates featured a download option for videos, however, it has not proved to be an effective solution. For instance, the videos can be downloaded only to the YouTube gallery. Although it enables the viewers to watch the videos offline, it is not localized to the device, thereby restricting the scope. However, one biggest drawback of YouTube streaming is the downloading of videos. This has been a long-standing complaint of the viewer community. Another major criticism that the streaming service faces is that the videos are an MP4 format on YouTube. Therefore, this restricts the viewer’s experience.

How to Stream and Download Music from YouTube?

The principal restrictions on YouTube have channeled into newer avenues for budding developers. Today’s markets are flogged with many apps, software, plug-ins, and tools that can help you YouTube Video Downloader download the content video off YouTube. But the problem here is that specified functions are embedded within these specific softwares. This creates a cumbersome and rather tedious process for the average viewer. They may not perform even half the functions they want for the uninitiated and who do not understand technicalities. Thus, the video remains in their streaming gallery amidst hopeless despair.

Luckily enough, more and more YouTube Downloader feature integrated functions built in a singular web or app-based platform. This means that if you like a music video, it is possible to YouTube Video Downloader download, convert, and edit it as an audio file with a few clicks. The advantage is that all the functions are available in a singular user-friendly platform. However, these downloaders have been criticized many times. The biggest criticism they face is that they are not safe and contain plug-ins with malware etc.

How to Pick the Right Downloader?

The apt question asked by many is – what is the safest youtube downloader currently available?

There are many downloadable safe software in the market like MP3 studios, which are extremely safe and have solutions to all your problems. However, before you begin searching for alternatives, there are a few things to be borne in mind.

The following factors are necessary to assess what is the safest YouTube downloader

1.      Formats Supported

Multimedia can exist in a lot of formats such as MKV, MPEG, MP4, etc. For those who may not be acquainted with the technical side of things, this can pose a bit of a problem. If your downloader cannot download or convert into other file formats, it renders the entire process futile. Furthermore, if multiple formats are supported, it allows ease of access and file sharing regardless of your device and device compatibility factors.

2.      Convenience

One of the foremost factors must be hassle-free downloading, editing, and conversion experiences. A platform’s convenience is indicated through the simplistic and effective features that do not need any prior technical knowledge. Many platforms have built-in preview functions that let you listen to the song before downloading it. Such features are an absolute must if you are picky about your downloads.

3.      Features

You do not want to be watching videos and facing challenges while downloading. Features such as multi-downloading and tag editing can be something to look out for. Multi-downloading enables the downloading of entire playlists in your choosing format, and identifying the songs from playlists is supported by ID3 Tag editing. These features enhance the experience of your music.

4.      Quality

Most of the time, we do download the files, but the quality is wrong or unpreferable. Therefore, it is important to pick out platforms that support HD quality at the very least. You can also choose other quality indices like Blu-ray, 4K, etc.

5.      Speed

The speed of downloading is the primary reason to select or reject a tool. It would help if you were wary of software with a data cap or a limit on the downloadable data. This ruins the entire experience. You must always choose downloaders that support speedy downloading, restriction-free!

Thus, it is imperative to understand that though there are multiple market choices, the best may not be right. You must choose according to the features and qualities you prefer and as per your discretion. This, no doubt, requires in-depth research and analysis before opting for any particular software.

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