5 Ways Ebooks Can Help Boost Leads for Your Business


If you run own small business and you’ve been searching for ways to help increase brand awareness, improve industry authority and drive leads, you may not have considered working with an ebook writer to produce quality content for potential customers. While content marketing in general has become a vital part of any company’s marketing and search engine optimization efforts, ebooks in particular have unique benefits to offer. People than ever before are more interested in the digital books, with digital readership up exponentially in the past several years. As opposed to traditional, bulkier paper books, which can be a hassle to order and to carry around, ebooks allow customers to carry the information they want on their tablets or smartphones. This means you could potentially put marketing efforts for your business right in consumers’ pockets! Here are just a few of the reasons publishing quality ebooks can be beneficial for your business, from driving leads to boosting brand awareness.

1. You Can Supplement Your Content Marketing Efforts

You may already have several content marketing strategies in place to help boost your company’s rankings on search engine results pages. For instance, you might post articles on your blog regularly, update your social media pages or send out email campaigns. However, these types of content are usually shorter and provide only brief snippets of information. If you have customers who are interested in knowing more details about your business, your ebooks could act as a foundation for this. For instance, short-form content could lead customers back to your website, where they could download your ebook to learn more. This allows your ebooks to support the rest of your content marketing efforts while providing a deep dive to interested clients.

2. You Become an Authoritative Voice

While company blogs and strong social media presences are important factors in establishing brand awareness, ebooks offer a different sense of authority. When you have one or several books on offer to potential customers, you can go in-depth on more complicated topics in your area. When well written and attractively marketed, this can quickly position you as an authoritative voice in your field. When your company is perceived as a trustworthy authority, of course, you’ll be more likely to gain customers quickly. Additionally, you’ll be able to establish this authority without coming off as pushy or salesy. Given the long-form, non-fiction format of most ebooks, you can dive deep into relevant research, case studies and product profiles without appearing shallow or like you’re just trying to sell something. The opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge while subtly marketing yourself can be a perfect storm for boosting leads.

3. You Could Get Customer Emails

One smart strategy for gaining warm leads is asking for a customer’s email in exchange for your ebook download. If your ebook is free or priced very competitively, they may be particularly inclined to send you their email. Once you have this information, you continue to contact them via email, making it easy to stay in touch with them and also start building a long-term relationship.

4. You’ll Gain Passive Income

When you run a business, finding yourself in a cash crunch is a common situation. One of the benefits of selling ebooks is that once they’re written, they can continue to make money for you without requiring further effort. This passive side stream of income can help keep operations running when money is otherwise tight.

5. You Can Provide Convenience for Clients

Finally, customers always appreciate companies that make it easy to have their needs met. With an ebook, you can provide simple, straightforward information in an easy-to-access format. This is especially case if you offer PDF or emailed versions of your book. When customers see you as highly accessible, they may be more likely to return in the future.

Content marketing has become increasingly important part of business marketing strategies, and search engine optimization is crucial for showing up in the rankings when customers seek out information related to your business. If your content marketing efforts haven’t quite been getting you the results you’ve been looking for, consider making ebooks your next offering to potential customers. It could be perfect strategy for your business.

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