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Apple Fitness+ – A New Personalized Fitness Experience comes to Life with Apple Watch

Apple has launched Apple Fitness+ in Cupertino, California. The company has built this first-ever fitness experience for its users of Apple Watch. This Apple Fitness app intelligently utilizes Apple Watch metrics to provide visuals straight on users’ Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone. Similarly, Apple Fitness+ also facilitates users with an unprecedented experience of personalized workouts. […]

9 Useful Apps for Doctors and Patients

The increasing integration between technology, apps for doctors, and health care has become one of the most noteworthy trends in technology today. Indeed, this is an exciting new area of software development, as it gives app developers and health care companies a chance to work together to protect the health of countless Americans. This area […]

Is It Worth A Shot To Venture Into The Premium Social Media Subscription App Market?

A little extra cash can always come in handy, don’t you think? Look around yourself, and you’ll inevitably hear job losses, lay-offs, unemployment, and whatnot. With the COVID-19 pandemic adding fuel to the flame, the need for money has aggravated. Makers of the modern world, a.k.a. entrepreneurs have come up with ideas to capitalize and […]

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