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9 Useful Apps for Doctors and Patients

The increasing integration between technology, apps for doctors, and health care has become one of the most noteworthy trends in technology today. Indeed, this is an exciting new area of software development, as it gives app developers and health care companies a chance to work together to protect the health of countless Americans. This area […]

Is It Worth A Shot To Venture Into The Premium Social Media Subscription App Market?

A little extra cash can always come in handy, don’t you think? Look around yourself, and you’ll inevitably hear job losses, lay-offs, unemployment, and whatnot. With the COVID-19 pandemic adding fuel to the flame, the need for money has aggravated. Makers of the modern world, a.k.a. entrepreneurs have come up with ideas to capitalize and […]

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Training Physicians

Mobile applications: In healthcare, education is not just about writing essays and reading relevant articles. Studying medicine requires medical literature and textbooks, and the mobility and convenience that medical apps bring make the content accessible for doctors. The other reason why medical apps are good for training is that they offer practical, real-life experience with […]

OWASP 10 – Best Way to Deal with Risks Associated with Mobile Applications

OWASP Top 10: As the mobile application consumers are growing day by day similarly the convenience element associated with the usage of mobile applications has also significantly increased. This is the main reason companies are going with the option of OWASP mobile top 10 lists because it very well highlights the securities laws and various abilities associated […]

Top 5 Android Cleaner Apps That Really Boost Your Device

Deep cleaning may not be a necessity for Android devices but having a good android phone cleaner in your phone can make a lot of difference. Using Android cleaner apps, you may boost device performance, extend battery life and remove all the unnecessary cache and junk files from your smartphone. Not just limited to it, […]

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