How to stream YouTube to your TV: 6 tips for enjoying videos on your TV.

How to stream YouTube to your TV: 6 tips for enjoying videos in your TV.

The strabismus days on your friend’s YouTube video are almost over. You already know that you can broadcast YouTube on your TV to play videos for a group or use the YouTube TV app if you have Smart TV. It makes the YouTube experience a lot better. But some more elusive features can really help your viewing on YouTube. 

For example, did you know that you can watch free movies on YouTube and rent the latest versions? Not to mention the fact that you can make these films on TV in your hotel room while you are on vacation. So take advantage and check out these cool tricks that you can do on TV.

You can watch free Movies

As hundreds of free movies you can watch without a paid subscription. The options are limited, many of them are older films, and you can find some classic things on the stack. The only catch is that you have to watch ads. But hey, free feature films! We cannot be too objective. You can check out the complete free YouTube list.

This fall, YouTube Originals will be available for free viewing (with advertising) for all users, reports YouTube. So if you don’t see anything you want to see now, you can always go back in the fall.

Rent the latest Releases

If you were eager to see a new movie, such as Avengers: Endgame, you can rent it (or buy it) on YouTube. If you rent movies on your phone or computer, you can also watch them on TV. You can download the movie in the YouTube application or shoot it from your phone (see below for more details). You can check out the new releases here.

YouTube Voice Search

Those days are gone when you used to control your TV with the remote control. Now you can use your voice to watch YouTube videos on the big screen if you have Google Home. You can then connect to your Android TV or Chromecast. Then you will have to tie both of them to get started.

Enjoy your holiday with YouTube

If you do not want to miss a single video of your favorite vlogger during your vacation. Do not worry, you can even watch it on the big screen. Yes, you can even watch it on your phone or laptop, but the output you get on TV is much better. You will need to connect your phone and TV using the same WiFi. When both devices are connected, open the video you want to watch and click the actor icon. Then select the device you want to play, and finally click on the game. And you did. You can watch any YouTube video on TV, such as Featured, Games, Entertainment, Recent, Originals or Music.

Watch YouTube videos designed for the big screen

YouTube for TV (not to be confused with YouTube TV) has the following options: 

  • Recommended: Shows recommendations based on what you have watched in the past.
  • Entertainment: there are movie trailers, clips from your favorite shows and videos from your favorite authorities.
  • Games: the latest news on trends in the gaming world.
  • Music: You can watch official music videos, live performances and music stations selected for you. Listen to the tops of album charts and new releases.
  • Latest News: See what’s on trend today, your daily top lists and featured playlists.
  • Originals: Released this fall – There will be a YouTube Originals series, such as Cobra Kai.

Find purchases and content stored on your phone

If you bought something on YouTube or saved a video on your phone, it’s easy to find on your TV. To find a saved video, select “Library” on the home page and scroll down to the “Watch later” section. You can also access everything that you bought from the same screen, just scroll down until you see Shopping.

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