How to Stop YouTube Videos from Pausing on Android!

youtube keeps pausing

YouTube Keeps pausing: YouTube ‘the biggest video platform’—is the second most visited website in the world that people use ‘to feel entertained’ and also ‘to relax.’ With over a 2 billion views per day, YouTube is not only considered a kingdom of digital entertainment but it also acts as  great source of learning! People get usually lost while spending time on YouTube “to learn, to laugh, to catch up, and to jam out” and that’s only possible because of ‘Mobiles’ as they’re very handy and pocket friendly as compared to computers, laptops, and tablets. Yes! When it comes to YouTube viewing behavior then, for the majority, mobile is a lot like a TV.

Well, Mobile especially android has a lot of advantages, for instance, YouTube application is already available on android from the developer but sometimes it can go wrong when people often experienced ‘YouTube Keeps pausing’ issue on Android. Though, it can be very frustrating as well as disturbing at the same time for all those who encounter this particular error again and again but, not anymore! As every problem in this world comes along with its solutions, today we’ve decided to mention all those effective solutions/ways that will answer your query of How to stop YouTube from pausing on Android.’ Therefore, to help yourself in troubleshooting the ‘YouTube Video Keep Pausing’ issue, continue reading this blog further:

To start with, it is necessary to understand the reasons behind the ‘YouTube Video Keep Pausing’ issue at first place because until and unless you’ll not acknowledge yourself about the cause of the issue, how come you are able to apply the solutions of the cause that stops YouTube videos from playing! So, to give you an understanding of the same, the following are the main reasons that stop YouTube videos from playing—

  • Reason 1: The YouTube version you’re using may be Out-dated!
  • Reason 2: Auto Pause feature of YouTube is Active!
  • Reason 3: The YouTube Application might contain a lot of caches!
  • Reason 4: Your Internet Connection is slow!

Now, as you have got enough idea about the reasons that can act as a barrier in the smooth running of the YouTube videos; time has come to fix these reasons with their particular solutions. Have a look:

Solution 1: Update the YouTube App!

  • To update the YouTube application, you need to open your ‘Google Play Store’ and from its ‘Menu’ click on the ‘Three-dots’ which is there at the top-right corner.
  • Then, click on the option of ‘My Apps and Games’ in order to choose the ‘YouTube’ app option from the list.
  • After that, simply click on the ‘Update’ option that is there in front of the YouTube app icon. That’s it! You’ll then have an updated YouTube application on your android.

Solution 2: Disable Auto Pause Feature!

From YouTube’s lot of features, auto-pause is one of them! It is designed to make life easier because when you need to do something else, you don’t need to stop YouTube videos manually.

However, sometimes, it backfires and creates trouble by pausing YouTube videos unnecessarily. So, only thing you can do is ‘Disable’ the auto-pause mode that stops YouTube from pausing autoplay by clicking under the video you play.

Solution 3: Clear the YouTube Cache!

  • To do so, firstly open your android mobile ‘Settings’ and then, navigate yourself to the option of ‘Apps and Notification or Applications.’
  • Under it, you’ll see a whole list of apps that are available on your mobile so, from it, click on the ‘YouTube’ app option.
  • Then, select the option of ‘Storage’ and after that, click on the ‘Clear Cache’ option finally to clean up the YouTube cache.

Solution 4: Use Strong Network Connection or Download Videos from YouTube!

  • As slow internet connection unable to load the full video and instead leads to ‘YouTube video keeps pausing’ issue then, it is recommended that you should connect with a strong Wi-Fi connection that helps in playing YouTube videos smoothly.
  • Other than this, what best you can do is, download videos from YouTube (that you like) in advance whenever you have a strong network connection to watch them in offline mode using the free download services like—
    • YouTube-dl
    • 4K Video Downloader &
    • TubeMate etc.

That’s all! These solutions will definitely troubleshoot the ‘YouTube Videos Keep Pausing’ issue that you’re encountering on your android while playing YouTube videos.

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