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How to Prevent Student Cheating During Remote Learning?

The transition to remote learning is difficult and overwhelming for both teachers and students. Teachers worldwide are struggling to establish traditional etiquette, structure, and discipline through distant teaching mediums. The task is a formidable challenge, as students are savvier with tech and gadgets. Naturally, students who are inclined to cheat can discover numerous easy ways […]

Everything you need to know about CBAP training

It is a digital badge and a digital record that shapes you in approving the certification exam. But it is more than just a digital badge; it is an official authentication that you have specific skills and proficiency in business analysis. The difference between Knowledge-based and Competency-based certifications: Knowledge-based certifications focus on content and learning […]

How to Keep Kids Engaged When Teaching at Home

Teaching children is a difficult task no matter the circumstances. However, having to keep kids engaged whilst teaching them at home is a whole different ballpark. Now that the world is experiencing a second wave of coronavirus infections, some parents are choosing to pull their children from school. Nevertheless, education is a crucial aspect of […]

Know the benefits of SAT to change your Perspective

Benefits of SAT: SAT is a standardized test that is taken under controlled conditions to ensure fairness. It is an achievement test, which focuses on specific subjects to check competence. SAT stands for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. SAT focuses on linguistic and quantitative abilities through mathematical topics and questions with career contexts. As SAT has […]

Remove a Page in Docs : How to Delete a page in Google Docs

Google Docs is very powerful document creation tool. In Google Docs, multiple users can edit a document at the same time, while quickly viewing the changes made by others. Users can create slide shows, quizzes, text documents, spreadsheets, and photo documents. With Google Docs, you can edit and enhance your Microsoft Word documents. You can […]

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