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Top 4 Incredible things to Do with New Smartphone

Recent times are a witness to the massive technological and software changes that impact people’s lives. Smartphones are the biggest and the most glittering example of technological advancements. Nowadays, almost everybody owns a smartphone to get themselves their daily source of entertainment besides fulfilling their needs via it. Consequently, the smartphone becomes slow and undergoes […]

Top 10 Dual-Edged Display Smartphones

Dual Edged Display Smartphones: Dual edged phones came in fashion after 2014 when Samsung launched Galaxy Note Edge. It was the first dual edged phone. Since then, many companies have incorporated this feature in their phone models. Although the edged display does not help the real value of the phone, yet it is trendy. They […]

MacBook Camera Not Working? Use Pro Advice to Solve It

Macbook camera not working: MacBooks come with high-range in-built cameras that provide world-class picture quality. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a Mac Device without its super flexible and easy-to-use face-time cameras.  Now, imagine a scenario where you have an important video conference meeting to attend, but somehow the MacBook camera stops functioning or macbook […]

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