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New Technologies for Seniors in 2020

Technology has exploded in past three decades, and we’ve all seen the changes and improvements. Aside from things like social media, virtual reality, and smartphones, new technologies has evolved to help solve specific problems. For older adults, technology improvements have helped make the difference between choosing to age in place and having to move to […]


Gadgets are no longer classified as people’s needs; some of them now consider as must-haves. For instance, home security systems are now crucial to protect your home and family. Other Gadgets Online are also excellent for people with disabilities like AI-centric systems, while others stick to the most conventional ones – mobile phones, iPads, laptops, […]

What’s the scope of Robots in last-mile delivery?

A leading market research firm, Markets and Markets, made an astonishing revelation regarding the future of the logistics industry. According to recent report published by the firm, the delivery robots market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 19% during the forecast period (2018-2024).  Yet another key market research player, Mordor Intelligence, went to […]

The Usage of iPads in the Healthcare Industry

iPads are popularly considered to be tools which help people consume audio, video and text. The overall production of information is not taken into account for most media tablets and their function. The iPad provides not only the best delivery but also an excellent visualization medium for all kinds of documents, pictures, videos and apps. […]

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