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Impact of Marketing Influences on Consumer Perception

In mid-June 2019, Kuwait’s Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) launched the fifth-generation (5G) networks of telecommunication companies. The launch was in line with CITRA’s vision of developing the country’s telecommunications sector to keep it abreast of the current technological advancement of telecommunications (Pujol, Manore & Jaffal, 2019). The application of this service is […]

7 Smart Tips for a Successful Amazon Marketing Campaign

When it comes to the retail market, Amazon is a giant, being responsible for approximately 40 percent of the total online sales. Also, with more and more Amazon Marketing advertisers planning to boost their advertising spend this 2020, the competition is likely heating up. That’s why you must take your Amazon advertising game to the […]

Digitalocean Or AWS: What’s Best For You?

Digitalocean Or AWS: Picking a cloud service for your business can be mind-boggling. In this article, we’ll provide you detailed info about both the platforms that’ll help you pick the one that’s the best fit for you. Both of these platforms offer different features and choosing the right one is essential. First, let’s take a […]

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