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Remote Onboarding of New Employees during Covid-19 Pandemic: How to Make it Happen?

Onboarding new employees: The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world into a new normal of remote working. The world was already on the onset of a recession worse than 2009 and COVID-19 expedited it. While economies across the globe struggle to thrive and bounce back as the curve flattens out, the job markets have also […]

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Transforming Digital Payment in 2020?

When we discuss Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, one of the most talked points would be its implication on digital payment and the financial industry. What will change when the banking industry completely adopts AI or Blockchain or both in combination. Here we will discuss the implications and the transformations that will occur with the incorporation […]

5KPlayer – Top 4K UHD Video Player You Can’t Miss

5KPlayer, a free multi-reason HD video player that can likewise proceed as an audio player, AirPlay streamer, and online video downloader – All in one stuff, free application. The instrument additionally accompanies full DVD support, implying that it can likewise be utilized as a locale free DVD player to play ultra-high quality recordings with multi-caption […]

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