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Caviar is the fish roe or egg that is found basically in the Caspian Sea. Many types of fishes are found in this sea. However, the most common of them are salmon, steelhead, trout, lumpfish, and whitefish. These fishes vary in shapes, sizes, and physical features; however, their eggs look almost similar. They consist of the same saltiness as non-iodized salt. Since Caviar is not found everywhere, it is a very rare product. In case you are looking for fresh Caviar, then Caspian Monarque is the best place. This online platform provides an opportunity for Caviar lovers to buy Caviar online.

What makes us the best exporter of Caviar?

  • Wide variety of Iranian Caviar:-From our e-commerce site, you can purchase a wide variety of Caviar, including Beluga Caviar and Almas caviar. Those who want to purchase Caviar can browse the different varieties of Caviar and make an online purchase safely. Caspian roes are less in scarcity, which makes them so special. It is not possible to make it available on all offline stores, so this is made only for online purchases through our site.
  • Standard quality of products is maintained: – Our company follows strict standards for exports and imports. Every caviar product that you see online undergoes a product assurance test. They are listed on the website only when they are found ok in a product quality assurance test.
  • Affordable fixed rates:- Unlike other offline shops that sell Caviar, which keep their prices flexible and include the brokerage costs from time to time, we provide Caviar to our customers without any brokerage charges. In this way, we provide Caviar at affordable fixed rates all the time.

How are Caviar used?

  • In the decoration of cakes: – The main reason Caviar is used in Cakes is that they are available in a variety of colors. They have salty, which balances the sweetness of the cakes properly. We can see the decoration of cakes with Caviar in Russian cakes as well. These cakes are made on special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and new year celebrations.
  • Pizzas: – Perhaps the most demanded food in the world is Pizza. It is used for celebration or party purposes. The toppings of the Iranian Pizzas have caviars in common.
  • Garnishing purposes on dishes:-Since caviar are salty and available in various colors, it is used by many popular chefs to garnish delicious Iranian foods.

The Caspian Sea is rich in minerals and salts. It is because this fish that is found in this sea is salty. Fish eggs found here are rich in protein and minerals. We can increase our stamina, energy, and immunity by eating Caviar regularly. Since this seafood is not spicy, it does not cause constipation or gas in the stomach. Caspian Monarque is the best online store where you can buy Caviar at a lesser rate than other online stores. We are the largest exporter of Caviar worldwide and maintain the highest product quality standard.

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