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The Email Marketing Checklist: 5 Steps for a Successful Email Campaign

Email marketing checklist: Despite the unprecedented growth of social media, email remains to be the core component of marketing campaigns. It is personal, transactional, and barely intrusive. Adweek reports that email marketing is six times more effective than social media.  Generally, when we speak about marketing trends, the way things go obsolete in this landscape […]

How to Generate Epic Engagement on Social Media Channels

Are you trying to improve how your audience interacts with your social media content? Discover a few effective tactics you can use to boost user social media engagement. Looking for ways to keep the conversation going with your customers on social media? By now, most brands understand the importance of building a social media presence. […]

How can you reduce cost per lead on social media through smart marketing?

smart marketing: Social media has opened many doors for marketers. While previously, marketers solely had conventional platforms like TV, print, and billboards to reach their target audience, social media has allowed many organizations to reach a significant portion of their target audience. After all, according to Statista, there are over 3.81 billion people active on […]

Time has changed, so should be your social media marketing strategies.

Social media marketing strategies: Have you ever been on an expressway, about to hit your destination, only to realize that the map was guiding you wrong? You can’t contain your fury at that desperate moment and kick the bonnet hard! Now imagine such misery during your marketing campaign. When you think your campaign will bear […]

Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing helps your business to compete with other companies on the same level. Your business or brand can increase visibility when you take digital marketing services from reputed digital marketing company. It provides a new way of targeting the audience and builds effective brand recognition. Before promoting your business with digital marketing services it […]

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