Technical SEO: Improving Page Speed For Traffic And Sales

technical seo

Technical SEO: It is no longer a secret that your website speed has to be good, and it’s incredibly critical for your digital marketing efforts. It can influence the time a visitor spends on your site, conversions, organic search rankings, cost-per-click (CPC), etc. Despite this, many people don’t pay attention to this aspect and suffer revenue loss. It will not be wrong to say that optimizing page speed remains on the back-burner for the lack of understanding. Hence, it never gets the right amount of investment in terms of time and money. However, if you wish to increase your business revenues in Brooklyn, you cannot afford to overlook this.

Here are a few things that can enhance your website’s performance, and thereby, the efforts related to technical SEO and overall digital marketing.

Web hosting service

The number of SEO tools you use for your website and marketing campaigns demands a high budget. Due to this, you feel compelled to cut corners, and this area becomes an easy target. People choose low-cost shared hosting, which already tends to be chock-a-block with other sites. From this, you can imagine how the server will perform and the site housed in it. No doubt, your website will open, but the amount of time it will take to load can quickly frustrate any visitor and push them away. Some hosting service can try to persuade that this doesn’t matter; nobody can notice it. But even as a regular visitor to a site, you can analyze its effect on the mindset. 

Whether someone wants to buy a product, get some information, or do anything else, he would fulfill the purpose and leave. If you become an obstacle, the user will bounce off the site and never come back. Your loss can turn into an advantage for your competitor.

Therefore, it makes sense to switch to a web host that can give you better speed. Usually, WordPress websites do well in this domain, and a few can be cost-effective. If you collaborate with a great Brooklyn SEO company, you will not need to worry about this. They will be able to help you with hosting.

HTTP Calls

Files like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, image, and font make an individual HTTP request for a webpage to operate. Too many of such calls can affect the loading time of a page. Still, some web designers don’t pay much attention to this.

If you are aware, many themes need to load more than one CSS and JavaScript files. Files like jQuery or FontAwesome are called from the remote servers; then, plugins also tend to have CSS and JavaScript files. From this, you can imagine the number of HTTP calls generated only by CSS and JavaScript files. Also, a page features multiple images, and they also create HTTP requests. All these things are enough to spoil your site’s performance.

To avoid this, you can combine all JavaScript files and CSS files into one file, respectively. Also, cut down the use of those plugins that come with JavaScript and CSS files. Some options allow you to disable those files from loading; you can try them also. For images, you can use sprites. All of these can be immensely useful.

Trailing slash

A trailing slash refers to the forward slash found at the end of an URL. If you don’t include this in links (whether external or internal), you again risk the speed of the website. A URL without this feature makes the server to search for a file with that name. If the match is missing, the web server will skim through a directory for a default file. When this happens, the server has to do a 301 redirect, which again consumes time. A bad and good example of this can be VS


When you enable browser caching, it stores the page’s elements in the visitor’s browser. Due to this, if the person visits the same or other pages of your site, his browser can open it immediately without requiring an HTTP request for the stored elements. Only new features will have to be downloaded on the pages. All this can positively impact the download time of the files, and increase your page speed.

Above-the-fold content

The content that appears on the top of your website before someone scrolls it is the above-the-fold content. You can prioritize it so that visitors feel your website is fast. For this, you can keep all the elements of this section of the content close to the HTML code. It will help the browser to download them quickly.

Media files

Content management systems (for example, WordPress) help in the quick upload of images. That’s why people don’t mind putting up any photo that they deem fit without even considering its size to be harmful to the website’s speed, especially for mobile devices. To avoid this, you need to optimize media files. For instance, use JPG for photographic images, and GIF or PNG for large pics with solid colors. You can also be careful about the size of the photos. If 800 pixels full image works for your website, you can stick to it rather than going for 1600 pixels. Similarly, if there are videos, you can choose a format like MP4 that uses a small file size. You can also compress the video file.

There are numerous aspects of a technical SEO that can benefit you with improving the page speed. Remember, any website that loads faster has a higher chance of having a better ‘time on page.’ The more users stay, the more conversions can happen. Hence, focus on anything that helps you reduce your page load time. Google and other search engines also give priority to websites that download quickly.

If you don’t want to compromise with your rankings, traffic, and conversions, you need to be careful with your webpage speed. Some reputed digital marketing agencies in Brooklyn specialize in all aspects of technical SEO. You can rope in any of the trusted ones to guide you in this area. After all, your business needs to grow, and for this, paying attention to these essential elements is necessary.

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