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The future of cryptocurrency: 3 significant predictions with massive potential on the industry  

In 2023, the crypto market proved its resilience again, rising from the 2022 fall that saw many digital assets losing value. It’s been a whole decade since cryptocurrencies have gained popularity, attracting many investors interested in their impressive features. Bitcoin was the first asset introduced in the crypto world, and ever since 2009, it remained […]

5 Best Cryptocurrencies To Explore In 2021

Whether you are a Cryptocurrency trader, investor, or you are simply diving into the Cryptocurrency world just for the sake of gaining knowledge, you may need to know which of the Best Cryptocurrencies are reigning in the market. There are thousands of Cryptocurrencies in the market. Each has a different value, a different market cap, […]

The Future of Digital Currency

Who would have imagined that something worth less than one cent in 2009 would become the most sought-after thing on the planet? Blockchain technology owes its name and fame to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. The emerging fanaticism behind cryptocurrencies has forced international economic and financial organizations to explore the possibilities of creating CBDC […]

What is Leverage Trading With Cryptocurrency?

Trading with cryptocurrencies has never been easier or more accessible. However, an unavoidable challenge of trading cryptocurrencies is their extreme volatility as an asset class. The price of a cryptocurrency can fluctuate enormously over the course of a day, hours even. By utilizing leverage trading, traders can take advantage of these fluctuating prices to turn […]

Face recognition technology and risk prevention in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary technology that gained global acclaim in the recent past. Cryptocurrency acclaimed global fame among investors and consumers within a decade of its foundation. In 2009, “Bitcoin” – the first cryptocurrency was created which now has a market capitalization of $64 billion (as of January 2019).  It is one of the most […]

Why Investing in Cryptocurrency is better than Bitcoin?

Investing in Cryptocurrency better than Bitcoin’s price was slightly higher than $720 towards the end of last year, with a total market cap of about $70 billion. Ethereum soared to its highest price of $1423 on January 4 at the beginning of 2018. At this time, Ethereum’s total market limit was $138bn! The demand for […]

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