Author: Karen

Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

How Agile Processes Affect the Role of Engineering Manager

An effective manager of agile engineering is the one who is the main source of the development group. Similar to the groups of software development on the whole and the groups of agile – software development precisely, an effective manager is in a stable state of development and progress. The best engineering manager motivates their […]

Video Identification: A One-Stop Solution For Financial Infrastructures

We see plenty of exciting pushes that leads us towards an unimagined future with every passing year. As technological advancements are evolving with the rapidly increasing demands of customers, digitization is becoming a new normal, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Acceleration towards digital adoption is leading this world towards an unpredictable future of social upheaval. […]

Few Reasons to Hire A Custom Web Design Company in Atlanta

While developing an eCommerce website, easy navigation and usability are few factors among many that you must consider. Your eCommerce website is your online shop. As such, web developers who are popular as Atlanta Web Design Company experts must be conversant with the latest platforms to retain clients and also make sure that they hit […]

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