Go-To PDF Converter: 3 Converter Tools That You Can Rely on

PDF Converter

Having an online pdf converter tool that would be reliable and functional is one of the most efficient ways of converting your files effortlessly and seamlessly. Especially when your job requires you to convert multiple files each day. You don’t have to undergo tedious job of retyping everything.

One of the widely used file formats today is the PDF file format or Portable Document Format. This type of file format can have various elements in it, such as hyperlinks, videos, texts, images, and many more. So we should know how to convert a PDF file into various types of file formats that are required from us.

These online PDF converters that we will be presenting to you are reliable, and you won’t encounter any problems or mishaps while using their services. They will surely help you in all the conversion needs that you have with their easy to use converter tools. These online converter tools are one of the most efficient ways of converting your files, and we will tell you why.

PDF Bear

If you do not know anything about PDF Bear, you must have lived under a rock. PDF Bear is a free online converter tool that enables you to convert multiple file formats with ease such as PNG, JPG, Excel, HTML, Word, and many more. Their online converter tools give you access to every available platform such as Linux machine, Windows, or Mac.

They also guarantee that your files will be safe and secure with their 256-BIT SSL connection that would ensure your files’ safety. So, if you are looking for PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to Spreadsheet, PDF to HTML, or a PDF to JPG converter, then PDF Bear is what you have been looking for all this time. They guarantee that your conversions will only take a few seconds, even if you plan to convert multiple files at a time.

Wondershare PDF Converter

There are already millions of customers that use Wondershare PDF Converter every day, and it is known to be a trusted brand. It also won the Popular Software and Best Software Company 2020 Awards. It features a rich software to meet all your needs whenever you want to convert your files, and are priced at a very low cost.

You can choose whether you want to edit, protect, sign, and convert your PDF files into many other formats with Wondershare. It truly does wonder if we may say so ourselves. You wouldn’t even have any problems while using their services as they have a very easy to navigate and user-friendly interface.

Small PDF

Small PDF was developed in Switzerland: the land of banks, land of high-quality watches, clean design, and banks. It has become their tradition that their products are all reliable, simple to use, and secure. In just a span of five years, they have created an online converter tool that is included in the top 500 most visited websites on the internet.

Small PDF mainly focuses on the user’s experience and removes all unnecessary and unused features. They also have translated their website into 24 other languages to enable other people from other countries to use their converter tools with ease. Even though they are small, they really know how to make PDF converting easy.


There you have it! These are just some of the top online converter tools on the internet today. If you are looking for most reliable, fastest, and best online converter tool, you just found them in this article. They offer a lot of amazing features. So, why not try them out for yourselves?

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