3 Digital Marketing Trends You Must Know about in 2020

digital marketing trends

When you have an online business to manage, you must learn about the storytelling of your brand, business best practices, as well as how your clients should embrace and adapt to new digital marketing trends to cope with the changing needs of customers.

According to an article published on https://www.inc.com, the best way to know what’s trending in the digital landscape is by testing new opportunities and staying updated with the latest news, business conferences, and information related to digital marketing. With numerous marketing technologies coming up, it’s essential to understand the current trends.

Current three digital marketing trends to look out for in 2020:

1. Shoppable posts

Even though shoppable posts on social networking platforms such as Instagram are quite popular for more than two years, this year would observe a sudden increase in these trends, mainly due to simpler, unique in corporations with e-commerce marketing and third-party apps.

With the number of Instagram, Facebook,as well as Pinterest users increasing and purchase impulses aroused via stories and feeds, online store owners understand the effect of social can have on their online sales with quantifiable figures and enhanced traffic. If you consider Instagram, the amount of active global users is one billion,and 90 percent of them are chasing shopping brands.

Besides, when it comes to interactive ads, it will help inplaying downthe bounce rate as well asminimize the sales funnel as consumers are provided with a flawlessdigital shopping experience.

2. Predictive marketing

This is an age of data profusion where individuals connect with brands through multiple channels. Moreover,buyers use content in an unorganized way and do much groundwork or research before arriving at a buying decision. As far as predictive marketing is concerned, it is considering all such unstructured interactions, examining existing optimistic data patterns and expecting outcomes consequently.

Prospects for marketing technology when companies use common business data, email marketing with different email designs and sales data, and mathematical algorithms to match patterns to determine the best criteria for their next marketing activity. Companies using this strategy Seeks to make data-driven decisions and achieve better results.

There are several platforms, which begun discussing predictive analytics as well as predictive lead scoring on their podcasts and blogs. It implies that much research and development is carried out to commence providing this opportunity not solely to the best Fortune 500 companies but also to numerous small businesses, which are mainstream. Based on the findings of Globe Newswire, as far as the predictive analytics market size is concerned, it’s projected to touch a whopping $10.95 billion in the year 2022.

A couple of standard usageswill be recognizing the possibility of a new lead buying a product and what series of messages to convey to them. Again,possibly,it is important to detect the potential channel for the delivery of messages such as SMS against push messages and email, and determining the kind of message to send outconsequently,depending on the prospectivecustomer.

Several industries did invest a great deal in predictive technology, for instance, resorts and hotels, which have the potential to figure out the probable number of hotel customers on a specific day or for that matter an event to amplify their bookings in the resort or hotel. You can consult with digital marketing agency and figure out how they can leverage digital technologies to boost your sales and revenues.

Besides, ground-breaking online businesses have been making the most out of predictive data, like previous buying history, customer likes or dislikes, and click-through actions to suggest new products and enhanced, customized retail experience for their buyers.

Now, Amazon, the huge e-commerce website, where businesses could spot the time, does thatbest and the willingness to purchase, and deliverhighly targeted products suggestions through email or an advanced browser extension, known as Amazon Assistant.

3. Organized SEO information

Did you know that the search engine giant Google has been paying more importance to rich visual search snippets over all their devices and platforms, which lets web users access all the data or info they are searching for more quickly and lets visitors determine the appropriate website to click-through, straight away from the top search results?According to a study by Path Interactive, among people in the age bracket of 13-18 years, 40 percent of the users will access the information they require via rich snippets.

The hard work by Google will generate increased click-through and help in reducing bounce rates radically. The technical execution of the rich snippets is a crucial aspect of organized data as well as Schema Markup, which is anticipated to be the best focused of all SEO discussions this year.

The best aspect about Schema Markup is that it’s approaching the simpler implementation stage, with increased and unique plugins for key platforms such as Shopify and WordPress, thus making it convenient to put it together sans much technical knowledge.

Final thoughts

These are some of the top trends to focus in 2020 so that you can leverage the best digital marketing strategies to expand and grow your business. It will lead to conversions and sales.


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