5 Traits in Which Blockchain Is Impacting Digital Marketing Space

Blockchain Is Impacting Digital Marketing Space

In the current digital world, anything and everything can be created from a pure rumor.

People are too busy to check the facts and believe all the lies they see, hear, or follow in digital space. Blockchain Is Impacting Digital Marketing Space.

Even the ad networks available in the online market are involved in promoting the fraudulent. This has risen to the level where every day, more than $51 million is invested in such ads. Many advertising industry practitioners are promoting such ads and polluting the digital world. Now, most of the companies are pulling their hands out of the digital ad world.

The disaster caused by miscreants on the internet has led to a situation where industry giants do not want to advertise on the same levels as earlier. FMCG giant such as Procter and Gamble has taken down its budget to half as compared to the budget of 2017 and is not ready to aggressively use digital ads as it used to be earlier.

Blockchain Is Impacting Digital Marketing Space, Digital ads are creating false hopes to capture the relevant clients, and thus, the budget crashed have become frequent. Promising the clientele base is going down, and new technology is required to handle the current situation.

Blockchain Can Be the Answer

Blockchain crypto news takes it with the storm to share the information regarding the ad delivery and placement. Blockchain Is Impacting Digital Marketing Space, the decision-makers (publishers, advertisers, etc.) can quickly check the response along with the reports that have the proper footprints. It creates an environment transparent enough for different parties

For the companies making money through digital frauds, blockchain may become a reason to pull down the shutter.

5 Traits in Which Blockchain Impacts Digital World

1. Fake Ads Are Kept In Check Via Auditing Technology

The data sharing has made it simple for the blockchain to find the target market and publish the ad. Whenever an ad service is requested using the system established over the blockchain technology, it scans the database and shares the possibilities accordingly. It shows the market available according to the user information and helps to target better.

Not only it gives better target but with every ad, but it also has a tracking system to assure the ad visibility to the audience. The technology can also make a difference between real and fake audience to ensure quality reach. The ads are described in the respective position with proper information about the displayed ad with the disclaimer. User permits and a permanent identity is maintained for the ad, which cannot have any alteration.

Further down the line, the different qualities offered by the digital world are also given as a choice to filter the preferences based on audience, demographics, etc. Thus targets can be made along with authentic user and track ID to authenticate them.

2. No Requirement of Middleman

The current industry is based on the ad service providers that usually play the role to help in cracking the deal between publisher and advertiser. In this case scenario, a significant amount was taken by the middleman.

The exclusive union of both publisher and advertiser directly was difficult. With blockchain, this problem gets resolved. Now, the user can directly meet the service provider. The technology makes sure that the genuine ad reaches to the audience and authentic click.

3. Data Insecurity Taking Away Social Media Charm

In the current trend, people are opting out of social media secrecy of the data is at a higher risk. The impact is on such a vast scale that people are more depressed and have seen a downfall in their daily routine due to social media access. Another issue is with data sharing; identity theft is becoming too familiar, and unwanted parties can easily retain the information of any person.

 This is leading to a mass drop in the number of social users, and more people are abandoning different platforms to save their personal information.

Blockchain Is Impacting Digital Marketing Space. Blockchain has the norms specially designed to keep the privacy intact. Every information is in an encrypted form that does not allow any third party breach. With this, another biggest offering with the blockchain is that it helps in monetizing every post. This means that if any content gets viral, then the blockchain industry will help the user to earn through it. Such offerings are absent from current social media trends and thus can take the system by storm.

4. I Don’t Want to See Ads

End users are running away from the ad market. The users have installed different tools such as adblocker to save themselves from unwanted ads. The reason may be any, but the ultimate conclusion is that the user wants to control the information flowing on different platforms. Ads create inconvenience for people as much irrelevant information is shown based on users’ search or browsing history.

Current social media platforms do not allow the user to altogether opt-out of the ads, and as a result, they may occur while browsing or streaming online. With the blockchain, the concept of ad displacement gets utterly new face. Now, the user can charge the companies for displaying their ads and can limit the access of ads accordingly.

5. Digital Quality Assurance

With the system ultimately adopting blockchain and cryptocurrency, the quality assurance can be guaranteed. In the current situation, the consumer is unaware of the raw material provided for the product ordered. Thus the quality assurance is challenged. With blockchain, all transactions made will be transparent and can be tracked by any member. Thus the quality of the supplier can be checked.


As far as the adoption of blockchain is considered, it is still a challenge as the adoption of the technology by the industry giants is slow. Blockchain Is Impacting Digital Marketing Space once adopted, the technology will surely create a transparent and secure network that can improve the quality of surfing the internet.

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