The Love-Hate Relationship People Have with Marketing Gambits

Marketing Gambits

Marketing game plans are the necessary part of a business strategy or rather a necessary evil, as some would call.  Nevertheless, they are fused into the lives of businesses and consumers.  So, what’s there to hate about marketing? Actually, a lot of things. The social media is filled to the brim about posts on how marketers manipulate people to buy from them and you realize it’s true when you study marketing, and you see so many examples and lessons on influencing the consumer psyche.

However, there are facets of marketing that we love and enjoy in our everyday lives. So, it is sort of a bitter-sweet relationship that we hate and love at the same time.  

The Hate Part

Privacy: a myth?

Privacy is a hot topic that everyone is concerned about, from the internet giants to internet users. Users are often paranoid about how their privacy is being encroached upon, and how they are tracked everywhere. Some even worry that companies spy on their private conversations, though companies deny any such practices.

Meanwhile, you will see Google and Facebook often telling how they utilize and store your data, but the details aren’t always unequivocal. The fact is, you cannot escape; one way or another, these giants manage to collect data on you even if you don’t have an account on their platform.

The Email Attack

It’s nice to see an email newsletter delivering useful information about your favorite blogs and brands, but it is not so nice when there is a deluge of emails from sites that you struggle to remember in which lifetime you gave them your email. A dozen emails a day from each marketer about your request was approved, you have a friend request, you have a message (one wonders why they had installed the app for), etc. 

The Bombardment of Ads

The most hated tactic perhaps. Thankfully, we have an ad-blocking tool, but some websites won’t even allow that since that’s how they earn. In a survey by Fractl, only 26.32% of the respondents said they don’t mind website ads, well 73.68% of the lot do mind.

 Website ads become worse when they are intrusive, particularly when a site is filled to the brim with display ads; where there’s no content, there’s a banner. And when the creative job is bungled, the lack of aesthetics begins to hurt our eyes. Lastly, pop-up ads really set everyone’s teeth on edge.

The Love Part

Convenience Aplenty

Businesses and marketers pay a ridiculous sum of money to gather information about their targeted consumers, which annoys and worries their audience in turn. However, let’s just agree on one thing: if they don’t know us, they wouldn’t market it to us and we would never become aware of some of our favorite products we use today. In the Fractl research, 54.33% of respondents agreed that they liked it if what they were looking for appeared in the search results. If we type “internet and phone service in my area”, Google would immediately get us a list of providers available on our location. No need to exert extra efforts.

The Deluge of Creativity

What everyone loves most about marketing is we get to see human creativity in all its glory. We have seen some fabulous videos and ad copies that made us choke with laughter, provided awareness, and warmed our hearts. The more creative it is, the more we reshare, and there you go, it’s viral.

Do You Have a Discount?

Now that is everyone’s favorite part, particularly for the money-savvy lot. We would never refuse a discount, coupon, or a free trial. As per Fractl’s research, this outbound marketing tactic was the second most popular among consumers.

After acquiring a free trial or goody-bag, we usually go on bragging about the brand, and how nice it is and why everyone should buy it. The generous the offer, the better their PR.

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