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New Mobile App – The new version of the Yahoo Mail app fixes issues and fastened its functionality. Now Yahoo Mail is automatically updated on your Android or iOS mobile device only if the auto-update feature is enabled. If disabled, you can manually update the Yahoo Mail app using the Play Store on Android devices or the App Store on iOS devices. Play Store and App Store are native applications.

The most excellent email app for Android to organize many accounts with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mailboxes and AOL. Whether you need a clutter-free inbox, added customization, different views for receipts, and attachments, travel information, or even more storing, we’ve got you covered. So, to keep your Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and Microsoft Outlook mailboxes under control, count on the Yahoo Mail app.

Many of you may not have tried Yahoo Mail for years, but Josh Jacobson, CEO of Product Management, commented that this is one of the most powerful apps on the Apple App Store, 2.1 million times, with an average rating of 4.6 stars were rated.

Jacobson also said that Yahoo Mail is trying to do something quite different from the superman of the world, because it is not one of the many applications that solve corporate use cases. Instead, it’s “focused entirely on using emails from consumers to solve the business of a lifetime.”

For example, Jacobson said he came to Yahoo after the company acquired its former employer, the intelligent inbox service Xobni. At the time, everyone believed that searching was the way to make it easier for users to find things by email.

Instead, it turned out that “people do not know or do not want to figure out what to put in the imposing white box to find what they are looking for.” That’s why Yahoo Mail now offers several different views that allow you to find content without searching, focusing on certain types of content in your inbox.

When you search for a photo or file uploaded by someone, only all the attached files are showed in a view. When looking for deals, you have three different viewpoints: the overview of offers, the location view currently available only for iOS (where you’ll see listings near you on a map) and the food view (displayed with food discounts) loyalty card ).

Shiv Shankar, Director of Product Management, commented that while the app is sorting and prioritizing these offers, they come from the outgoing courier, not from Yahoo.

The new Yahoo Mail also includes a view to browse all your email subscriptions and a button that lets you unsubscribe from any one-touch subscription. Also, there is an additional view (currently only for iOS) that focuses on “active updates”, such as urgent and critical emails over time, such as package tracking and travel updates.

The Yahoo Mail team has also updated the overall look of the app. This includes adding a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, which, according to Shankar, will again allow “one-handed operation”, even if the phone screens are getting bigger. The navigation bar is customizable – each user can choose which views to include.

By the way, if you are a little suspicious of sending emails from a Yahoo address, Jacobson has indicated that you can use the Yahoo Mail application to access non-Yahoo email accounts, including Gmail and Outlook.

Now available for iOS and Android

Update on Android devices

Introduction to the Play Store app on your Android device. You can find the icon on one of the screens or by opening the application menu. Touch the Search icon, type Yahoo Mail in the search box, and then tap Yahoo Mail in the suggestion list. Touch the Update button. If the switch is considered “Installed” instead of “Update,” your application will be updated.

Update on iOS devices

Launch the App Store on your iOS device, then touch the Updates tab. Touch the “Update” button next to Yahoo Mail to update it. If there is no Update button, the application is updated. To refresh all the apps on your iOS device, touch the Refresh all button.

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