Watch UK Content with BBC iPlayer VPN

Watch UK Content With BBC IPlayer VPN

Have you ever tried to access BBC iPlayer outside of the UK? If yes, then you must have known that BBC iPlayer is blocked outside the UK. Viewers in the UK are only allowed to stream content on BBC iPlayer. If you’re on holiday or living in another country, you have to compromise UK content. Here I would like to mention that BBC iPlayer offers the second-best entertainment content worldwide after Netflix. Meaning, if you’re not watching BBC iPlayer, then you’re missing out on some of the major movies and TV shows, and it shouldn’t be happening. Therefore, in this guide, I will outline simple ways to watch UK content with BBC iPlayer VPN.

Before jumping into the details, first, let me explain to you that why UK content is blocked in your region.

Why is BBC iPlayer Blocked in My Region?

BBC iPlayer is a legally bound streaming service. It has to follow complete content copyrights. Only viewers in the UK with a paid UK TV license can stream BBC iPlayer.

Since UK citizens pay a TV license fee, therefore, BBC iPalyer is geographically restricted and broadcast its content for the paid viewers only.

Luckily, there are ways that I will mention later in this blog to access BBC iPlayer abroad. 

Why Should I Stream BBC iPlayer Abroad?

Streaming BBC iPlayer should be in your consideration if your content taste is good enough. iPlayer is the UK’s biggest streaming platform. It is your home to incredible TV shows, movies, radio shows, documentaries, and a lot more is available without ads.

How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside the UK?

More than 60 million users around the world access BBC iPlayer abroad using the VPN. VPNs are the most technically practical way of streaming BB iPlayer outside the UK territories.  

Here’s How to Watch BBC iPlayer Overseas

  • Subscribe to any VPN service compatible with BBC iPlayer. My recommendations are ExpressVPN, FastestVPN, and Surfshark.
  • Install a device supported app
  • Connect to a UK server
  • Open BBC iPlayer and log in to your account
  • You can now stream. Yes! It’s that easy.

Can I Stream BBC iPlayer in Sweden?

Absolutely! Streaming BBC iPlayer in Sweden is possible. Make sure to use a Sweden VPN and connect to the UK server. Once your connection got established, then access BBC iPlayer and stream whatever you want.

What to Do If My VPN Fails to Unblock BBC iPlayer?

Sometimes, a VPN fails to access BBC iPlayer. If you experience such a scenario, then disconnect VPN first then remove browser cache. Now, connect to another UK server and stream.

Can I use a Free VPN to Watch BBC iPlayer?

To me, it doesn’t sound like a good idea. Streaming platforms like Netflix and BBC iPlayer use anti-VPN technology. Anti-VPN technology aims to detect and block VPN IPs to prevent access.

Paid VPN services offer a pool of IPs that are undetectable and easily bypass content restrictions. Whereas free proxies and VPNs only use a small set of IPs, which is not enough to unblock BBC iPlayer.

Moreover, free VPN and proxy services sell user data to third parties, which is a threat to your online privacy.

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer?

With BBC iPlayer, you can watch a bundle of TV shows, includingFleabag, Keeping Faith, Our Girl, and Dragon’s Den. Besides that, you can also easily access live streams from BBC One, BBC Two, CBBC, BBC Four, CBeebies, Radio 1, and more.

How to Choose the Best VPN to Stream BBC iPlayer?

You can indeed bypass BBC iPlayer content restrictions, but keep in mind that not all VPNs can help you out with this. Certain factors should always be under consideration if you’re searching for a VPN to stream BBC iPlayer.

Below I am outlining a few characteristics a VPN should have to unblock any major streaming service:

  • Must support major streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer
  • Compatible apps for the major platform, i.e., Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux
  • Should offer military-grade encryption along with other top security features
  • Must be able to take a strong stance on user privacy. Follows a zero-logs policy
  • Must offer high-speed servers for the buffer-free streaming sessions

Is BBC iPlayer Free to Watch?

UK citizens pay £147 / year for the UK TV license. Luckily, BBC iPlayer never asks you for the payment proof. Therefore, if you’re accessing the streaming channel via a VPN, then it will be completely free.

Is it Legal to Stream BBC iPlayer?

No proof has been found claiming VPNs as an illegal source of streaming content. VPNs are absolutely legal since it encrypts your traffic and protects data from hackers and intruders.

With the help of a VPN, you can change your virtual location by changing your IP address. When your virtual location gets changed, then it’s easy to bypass regional content blockages.

However, if any streaming service detects your VPN IP address, your account may be suspended.

Does BBC iPlayer work on Mobile Devices?

Yes. BBC iPlayer is compatible with a good range of devices, including mobile phones, laptops, desktop, Amazon Fire TV, etc.


You can watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere using a VPN. You will need a high-quality VPN with blazing fast servers to stream live sports, movies, and all your favorite TV shows. Also, don’t forget to check your VPN’s privacy protection and select the one with the top-notch security features to stream content with 100% online anonymity.

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