123movies New Site Name

123movies New Site Name

Looking for online platform where you can watch movies for free? Then your search has come to an end. 123movies New Site Name, Here we are with a new website, 123movies. 123movies  is one of the most rated pirated websites that are well known for providing the latest movies for free.

The database of this website is huge. If you are looking for something, then there is a chance that you will find it on this website. 123movies is quite famous all around the world. The reason is that it has one of the biggest databases that can cater to every kind of audience.

Whenever there is a new movie release, you are sure to find it on this website. Not only you can download movies, but you can also stream online.

History of 123Movies

123movies New Site Name: It is believed that 123movies originally originated from Vietnam. Since its first introduction in the market, this site has gone through many changes. Especially the domain.  Over the past few tears, the domain has changed several times. If you are one of the old users of 123moviues then you will get what I mean.

123movies was declared as one of the best and most visited illegal websites in 2018 by the motion picture association. After being declared as an illegal website by America, Vietnam decided to shut the website in 2018. The other reason for being shut down was also that, it was providing content of the latest released movies that were affecting the revenue of the theaters and multiplexes.

Is 123movies safe?

123movies New Site Name: As we all know that 123movies is not a legal website to download content for the latest movies, TV shows, and web series. Most of content on this website is illegal and is unauthorized. You can even put it this way that 123movies is a pirated website that shares the same features with the likes of m4free movies and 13377x.

The owner and the 123movies website have to take extra measures to keep themselves safe from cyber police. The users who visit the sites need to precaution to safeguard t5heir IP address from being detected by the government authorities.

Hence, in short, you can say that it is not safe to visit 123 movies. Even if you want to visit for the free content. I would like to advise to use a VPN. however, that doesn’t mean that I am not encouraging you to do so. You will be only one who will be held responsible for your actions.

VPNs give you access to the anonymity that you desire while visiting sites that are banned in your region. It creates a safe and hidden network for you to surf the internet. Putting it simply, it masks your original IP address with a fake, thereby erasing your online trace.

123movies proxy servers

There are only the few people out there who understand the term proxy servers. You can even call them proxy websites. These websites are the brother and sister websites with a little bit of change in their domain.

The use of proxy servers or websites is very simple. When there are countries that have banned the original domain in the region, the proxy website is launched with the same features and database. The only difference you will find that they have a slightly different domain name.

Here some of different proxy websites that are currently active in region where original websites are banned.

All above proxy websites are currently active in region where original website is banned.

Movies which have been leaked on 123movies

There are no specific types that will find in 123movies. 123movies does not limit itself to a particular niche. If there are any latest movies and TV shows, there is a chance that 123movies will pirate it. No matter which movie industry it belongs to, you will be able to find pirated content on 123movies.

In the eyes of 123movioes, there is no preference. Movies are movies, be it a Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, or Tamil.

123movies presence’s in other countries

Piracy of the content is illegal in every country. The government takes extra measures to stop piracy. However, there are times, when some of websites find loopholes in their investigation to banned pirated websites.

Smart website owners simply change the extension of the pirated websites to get out the grip of the cyber police. This mart maneuvers by the website owners have been a real pain for the content creators.


Piracy has always been problem for people who created content by putting in effort and money, those content are being consumed for free leaving content creators empty-handed. We should try to support the content creators by consuming legal content. This way we will not only be able to keep ourselves safe from the cyber police also we will be able to stop growth of an illegal market.

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