How to Download Audio Track for Movies on MX Player?

MX Player is a versatile media player for Android and iOS devices, known for its ability to handle various video and audio formats. One of its standout features is the support for multiple audio tracks, which allows users to switch between different languages and sound options. If you are looking to download and add audio tracks for movies on MX Player, follow this comprehensive guide.

Download MX Player

Step 1: Download MX Player

If you haven’t already, download MX Player from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Install it on your device and open the app to familiarize yourself with its interface.

Step 2: Find the Movie

Ensure you have the movie file on your device. MX Player supports a wide range of video formats, so your movie should play without issues. If the movie file does not include the desired audio track, you will need to download it separately.

Step 3: Search for the Audio Track

To find the correct audio track for your movie, you can use various online resources. Websites like and others often have audio tracks in different languages. Simply search for the audio track corresponding to your movie title and the language you need.

Step 4: Download the Audio Track

Once you locate the desired audio track, download it to your device. These audio tracks are typically in formats such as MP3, AAC, or AC3. Make sure the audio track file name is clear so you can easily identify it later.

Step 5: Place the Audio Track in the Same Folder as the Movie

For easier management, place the downloaded audio track file in the same folder as the movie file. This helps MX Player locate and synchronize the audio with the video file more efficiently.

Step 6: Open the Movie in MX Player

Launch MX Player and navigate to the folder containing your movie and the downloaded audio track. Open the movie file. MX Player should start playing the video immediately.

Step 7: Add the External Audio Track

To add the external audio track, follow these steps:

1. Tap on the Screen: While the movie is playing, tap on the screen to bring up the playback controls.

2. Select the Menu Icon: Tap on the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner.

3. Choose Audio: From the drop-down menu, select theAudiooption.

4. Select Audio Track: Tap onAudio Track.If the audio track is not listed, selectOpenorBrowseto locate the downloaded audio file on your device.

5. Sync the Audio: Once the audio track is selected, it may not sync perfectly with the video. Use the audio delay feature in MX Player to sync the audio and video. This option can be found under the sameAudiomenu.

Step 8: Adjust and Enjoy

After adding and syncing the audio track, play the movie to ensure everything works smoothly. You can adjust the audio delay further if needed to get perfect synchronization.

Tips for Better Experience

– Consistent File Names: Ensure the movie and audio track files have similar names for better synchronization.

– High-Quality Audio Tracks: Download high-quality audio tracks to enhance your viewing experience.

– Check Compatibility: Make sure the audio track format is compatible with MX Player. Most common formats should work without issues.

Downloading and adding audio tracks to movies on MX Player can significantly enhance your viewing experience, allowing you to enjoy movies in your preferred language or audio quality. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily manage and sync external audio tracks with your videos, making MX Player a powerful tool for all your multimedia needs.

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