How to Fix Digital Tv Tuner Device Registration Application

Digital Tv Tuner Device Registration Application

Digital Tv Tuner Device Registration Application: If you’ve noticed for a while that your PC is slowing down. Most likely, you are dealing with the application error of the digital TV tuner device on your Windows PC or laptop. You can easily detect this problem if you have a security cleaner or a Windows task manager. This article discusses different ways you can troubleshoot the recording application for digital TV tuner devices.

What is the digital TV tuner registration application?

Basically, the digital TV tuner application is part of Windows Media Center. This application enables your PC to receive and display a digital signal. It helps us to see digital cable channels on our computers.

If you want to know if your device has a digital TV tuner device, just look at the device label. If a built-in digital tuner, digital tuner, or digital receiver is written on it, then your system has a TV tuner.

Why is it important to disable this app?

The digital TV tuner is also known as ehprivjob.exe process. It is a non-system process that results from the software installed on your system. Its data is stored in the system registry, when you run installed software, If these applications create invalid entries on your system, your computer will slow down.

Or in other words, if you are running Windows Media Center it will also complete the process of requesting a digital TV tuner device. It is an automatic startup process. To check if a TV tuner application has occurred on your PC, you can open the Task Manager and see it with your own eyes.

task manager

In most cases, this process does not require a processor-intensive process. However, there are some instances when this recording application literally slows down your computer’s performance. As the question about Quora says;

The digital TV tuner recording application slows my laptop down by 72%. I tried to uninstall Windows Media Center from the Control Panel but couldn’t find it there. Is there a way to safely remove or repair it?

Digital TV tuner device applications, especially when running multiple processes, can become a serious threat. For this reason, it is important to disable the digital TV tuner registration application. We have provided 3 quick fixes here to help you solve this problem properly.

What causes the Digital TV Tuner application registration error?

The digital TV tuner registration process is also known as ehPrivJob.exe. Process, which is short for eHome, is part of the registration application for digital TV tuner devices in Windows Media Center.

It is a non-system process, works with the software installed and stores data as it works. If a lot of invalid entries are stored in the system registry, the performance of your computer or laptop will slow down. When you have multiple processes running on the computer at the same time. Then serious problems can arise. So, it is important to fix this error when recording devices for digital TV tuners.

Is the registration application for digital TV tuner devices safe?

For security reasons, you have no reason to remove the registration application for the digital TV tuner or the process behind it (ehPrivJob.exe).

In terms of performance, removing the Digital TV Tuner application makes sense in some situations. While ehPrivJob.exe certainly won’t consume up to 70% of your system resources (Avast and some other antivirus are a bit misleading in this regard for reselling another service), it can certainly slow your computer down then. if you are actively using the TV setting function.

Should I remove the recording application for digital TV tuner devices?

EhPrivJob.exe usually does not use enough (inactive) system resources to make you have problems finding ways to remove it. However, there are certain situations where ehPrivJob executable file becomes corrupt and runs at full speed even when the computer does not perform any TV adjustment tasks.

In cases where the ehPrivJob.exe file becomes counterproductive to your computer, large files may be created and stored on your SSD / HHD. It has also been known to create invalid registry entries that can affect the overall performance of your computer.

Whether or not to remove the Digital TV Tuner recording application really depends on what you do with your computer.

If you use it for TV tuning purposes (watch TV channels on your computer via the TV tuning function), removing the recording application for digital TV tuners is not a good idea because it effectively complements the feature.

If you are not interested in adjusting the TV and the following investigation shows that the ehPrivJob.exe file consumes a lot of system resources, then removing it becomes a valid option.

Examine ehPrivJob.exe for high usage

Before you go through the process of preventing digital TV tuner application from recording system resources, it is worth confirming that its process (ehPrivJob.exe) is indeed responsible for slowing down your system.

There are several ways to do this. However, the easiest thing to do is simply use Task Manager. This utility can help you identify processes that consume a lot of system resources and check if the process behind the digital TV tuner device registration application (ehPrivJob.exe) is one of them.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open the Task Manager.
  2. Go to “Processes” tab in the Task Manager and look for an entry called “ehprivjob.exe” or “Digital TV tuner device registration application.”
  3. Then check the CPU and memory resources used by this process. If this number is large (over 100 MB of memory and more than 10% of the total processor capacity), you will need to disable it to improve system performance.

How to troubleshoot digital TV tuner device registration problems

Here I have listed some other methods to help you troubleshoot Turner Digital TV recording application error on your computer or laptop. Check out now:

Method 1: Disable Windows Features from Control Panel

To fix this problem, you can also try disabling the Windows feature. It offers the possibility of recording the digital TV tuner in the computer system. You need to follow steps below to disable the feature:

  1. Open the Control Panel via the Start button. You can use the keyboard shortcut Windows + R to open a Run dialog box, and then type “cpl”. Don’t forget to press Enter to open the programs and files on the screen.
  2. Go to Programs then Features in the control panel window. Now click on Activate or deactivate Windows features in the left menu.
  3. Wait for the Windows Media Features menu to load completely. Then select Media Features and expand the list by clicking Expand and removing both control points associated with Windows Media Player and the Media Features icon.
  4. Find Windows Media Center option and uncheck it. Now click OK button to apply the changes and wait for them to take effect.
  5. Restart the computer system for the new settings to take effect.

Method 2: Use the resource manager and complete the process

There are several different things you can do to prevent your digital TV tuner recording application from consuming system resources on your computer. The easiest way is to use Task Manager. This utility allows you to discover and review processes that consume large amounts of system resources. If it includes the ehPrivJob.exe process behind the registration application for digital TV tuner devices. The steps to resolve this issue using this method are:

  1. Open Windows Task Manager on your computer system, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Del to open it.
  2. Click the specified performance option to open Resource Monitor in the window.
  3. Search for an entry called ehprivjob.exe or the registration application for Digital TV Tuner devices and exit
  4. Before exiting, check the memory and processor that were used during this process. If you find that a significant portion of your computer system is involved in this process, it is recommended that you complete this process.
  5. To end the process, select the process, click the End option, and then click the OK button.
  6. Quit Windows Task Manager.
  7. Finally, restart your computer for the new settings to work.

This is easiest and most recommended way to repair the digital TV tuner device registration application. However, if complications occur in the computer system during this process. You can opt for the other techniques described below.

Method 3: Disable all scheduled tasks

The main process ehPrivJob.exe. If the cause of this problem is, disabling this scheduled task can help repair your computer system. To disable this feature, follow these steps:

  1. First, click Start button on your computer and then choose the Task Scheduler option to open it.
  2. In this Task Scheduler option, click the Library option and open the Microsoft folder.
  3. Then open Windows folder to disable this task.
  4. Close all folders and restart your computer to set the new settings.

Method 4: Delete the DRM folder

The error in the recording application for digital TV tuners can be remedied simply by deleting the entire contents of the DRM folder. The following steps must be followed for this method:

  1. Access the My Computer option from your computer system.
  2. Then open program option and click on the data folder.
  3. Click the Microsoft folder and choose the Windows option.
  4. Find the DRM folder and delete it
  5. Finally, restart your computer system so that this new setting remains on your computer or laptop.

Method 5: uninstall the TV tuner

If you still can’t fix the digital TV tuner application error, the best solution is to uninstall the TV tuner. Well, if the Digital TV Tuner is not present in your computer system, there is no problem with it. Here are steps to follow to uninstall the digital TV tuner from your computer system:

  1. Open the control panel from your computer’s start button or use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut to open a Run dialog box. Then type control panel and don’t forget to press the entry to open programs and files on the screen.
  2. In control panel window, go to Programs and Features and click on the Programs and Features option.
  3. Go to Installed Programs and choose Digital TV Tuner.
  4. Then uninstall the program.
  5. After the whole process is complete, properly restart the computer for the new settings to work smoothly.

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