How to Keep Kids Engaged When Teaching at Home

keep kids engaged

Teaching children is a difficult task no matter the circumstances. However, having to keep kids engaged whilst teaching them at home is a whole different ballpark. Now that the world is experiencing a second wave of coronavirus infections, some parents are choosing to pull their children from school. Nevertheless, education is a crucial aspect of any childhood, and if you do choose to keep the kids at home, make sure they are benefiting from this time as much as possible. Here are the some of our top tips on how to keep the kids engaged whilst teaching at home.

Differentiate the Home from the Classroom

Differentiating the home area from the classroom area helps the kids know that it’s time to settle down and focus on learning. Not everyone has a ton of space at home to turn an entire room into a classroom. However, you could also set up the space each day in the living room or kitchen. Just make sure you have necessary materials for teaching at home and get started with your lessons.

Structure Your Day

You can’t expect your kids to stay motivated and engaged if there is no structure to their school day. This will be helpful for both you and the children. The lessons will go by quickly if you have a clear idea of what tasks need to be approached and when. Try to be smart about how you plan out your day. For example, don’t lump together three hours of math as this could become tiresome. Instead try to get the ‘more challenging’ subjects done during the most productive hours of the day and save the fun subjects, like music or art, for the end of the day.

Utilize Your Resources

Take advantage of the copious amounts of resources that are now available online and use these to your advantage. We’re not saying you should whack on YouTube video after YouTube video but use this once in a while to help you explain certain concepts. E-learning is a great way for kids to micro-learn, better understand critical concepts, and keep motivated. There are lots of different educational videos and programs online for all age groups that are free of charge, so make sure to utilize your resources.

Get Creative

No matter what the subject is, nobody likes monotonous learning. Going over concepts and completing a chapter full of exercises can be an easy way to ensure your kid becomes disengaged. Not only this, but children learn in many different ways. For example, why not venture outside or conduct a fun experiment in the kitchen for a science class? Get creative with your lesson plans and don’t forget to integrate the arts into your at-home curriculum. This is a great way to foster creativity and let the kids unwind during the school day. Arts have been shown to provide children with better social skills, problem-solving skills, and the skills to regulate their own emotions.

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