Top 5 Android Cleaner Apps That Really Boost Your Device

Android Cleaner Apps

Deep cleaning may not be a necessity for Android devices but having a good android phone cleaner in your phone can make a lot of difference. With your optimized device you can accomplish much more, including making money online.
Using Android cleaner apps, you may boost device performance, extend battery life and remove all the unnecessary cache and junk files from your smartphone. Not just limited to it, the latest android phone cleaners offer various features that may help you manage your phone and organize all the stored media files.

But, do Cleaner apps really work?

 Well! After a certain period of time, most Android devices start getting slow. They show sluggish performance and start crashing or behave unresponsive. You face issues like slow launching of apps, unresponsiveness while performing tasks, long time to switch to an app or sudden shut off.

All such android problems occur because of the cache and junk files that are stored in your phone. Android cleaners clean these cache and clear the clutter of junk files that affects the performance of devices. It shuts off the unwanted background processes and reclaims the resources and storage boosting Android efficiency. This is how an Android Cleaner app works.

If you want to boost your phone performance and get a fast and smoother experience, then you should switch to an Android app that may take care of all your Android phone problems. Here, we are going to share a list of the best Android phone cleaner apps that can solve all your Android issues and make your phone work like a new one. Take a look.

Top 5 Android Phone Cleaner Apps of 2020

1.    Advanced Phone Cleaner App

Advanced Phone Cleaner is one of the most popular and best Android phone cleaner apps. This cleaner app is known for its in-depth cleaning features and booster options such as game booster, RAM booster and Speed Booster. The main feature of this powerful android phone cleaner app is obviously a cache cleaner. It cleans all the cache and junk files that clutters your phone storage.

Apart from this the phone has a CPU cooler that stops overheating of smartphones and maintains adequate phone temperature. The phone cleaner and booster is also known for its App manager and File Manager options that gives you an easy way to manage all the installed apps and files in your phone.

This high end phone cleaner has Duplicate Phone Cleaner to delete similar looking photos and an advanced Antimalware feature to protect your device from all the potential cyber threats.

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2.    Norton Clean

Developed by Norton, this amazing Android Phone Cleaner is known for its efficiency and great protection feature. The app exhibits Junk Remover that analyzes, clean and safely removes all the junk files in the phone. The app offers cleaning of cache files and gives your smartphone a smooth and flawless performance. Norton Clean allows you to remove obsolete Android package(.apk) files and gives options to get rid of bloatware or pre-installed apps. Besides this, the phone cleaner app can be used to clear the residual files from SD card and internal storage.

This android phone cleaner app also offers cleaning of cache files for individual apps. This even helps users to optimize the memory to a large extent without compromising device performance.

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3.    AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is another high end phone cleaner app on the Play Store that optimizes your Android phone and makes it work better. Like other Android cleaners, this app also offers features for junk and cache cleaning. The app alerts you timely to clean your phone and remove the unwanted apps. The Cache Cleaner feature of the AVG cleaner removes the unnecessary data such as gallery thumbnails or unused APK files instantly.

Moreover, by using this app, you may find out the large files that are above 5MB and easily remove them. The Smart phone clean-up feature gives you options to reclaim more space in your phone by cleaning similar and blur photos. The best thing about the cleaner app is its ultimate Cloud transfer feature where you can backup all your data and earn some more storage. The other useful features of the AVG cleaner are Battery Saver & Optimizer, App & Memory Manager that enhances battery life and manages apps that are affecting battery and RAM.

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4.     Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is a highly effective phone cleaner app. It is a brainchild of the popular Antivirus manufacturer Avast. This cleaner app offers the same cleaning features that are offered by other Android phone cleaner apps. The unique feature of the Avast Cleanup is its  Advanced Photo Optimizer that allows you to control the size and quality of photos with the help of comparison view.

Using the app, you may get amazing options like Device Manager. This option offers two options- System Screen and App hibernation. System Screen allows you to view all the important information related to the system of your device while the App Hibernation restricts the apps from using excessive battery charge, mobile data, memory and phone resources.

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5.    CCleaner

Last but not the least, Ccleaner is one of the most popular Android phone cleaner apps of 2020. This amazing app also optimizes smartphones and cleans junk safely. Using this app, you may quickly uninstall unwanted applications, clear obsolete files and easily free up valuable storage space. With the storage analyzer feature of Ccleaner, you may analyze how much space is left with you and what apps are covering the most of the space of your phone. It also offers optimization and provides you an option to reclaim your phone storage.

Plus, you can use Task killer, App hibernation and App manager feature to improve phone’s performance. The latest feature of the app is App Stats that gives you an overview how an individual app is impacting your Android device.

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So, these are the best android phone cleaner apps of 2020 which you may try to optimize your phone and battery. Using an Android cleaner app is a good practice and by using any of the above apps, you may really make your Android experience fast, smooth and wonderful.

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