Scopa Shoppable Product Tagging

Even if you have a functional, user-friendly, well-maintained, and fast eCommerce website, all this can fail when you need to convert website visitors to product buyers. And selling to make a profit is the main functionality of any successful eCommerce site. What will make a difference in product data on your site, and how a […]

The Best Instagram Management Tools

One of the most used social media platforms is Instagram. You must have an Instagram account if you want people from all around the world to learn about your brand. Instagram Stories ads are growing increasingly prevalent, in addition to paid advertising on the platform’s standard postings. On the other hand, there are an increasing […]

Top 5 Graphic Design Apps for iPhone and Android

The progression of technology throughout the course of the last few decades is reflected in graphic design. These days, a growing number of software developers are focusing their efforts on the creation of apps that will enable designers to produce beautiful designs using only their mobile devices. If you use an iPhone or an Android […]

Tips to Improve Your Retail Management Strategy in 2022 and Beyond

Starting a retail business is a dream that can easily become a reality. Starting your own business may require a significant amount of initial effort, but with proper planning, anyone can reach their objectives. Here are tips to improve your retail management strategy in 2022. 1. Make a plan Begin spreading the word before opening […]

How To Run Effective Software Engineering Team Meetings

Several steps are necessary to run practical, constructive, and worthwhile software engineering team meetings. Running smooth, organized project and team meetings is a versatile ingredient for software development success. These sessions typically involve sharing ideas, identifying performance gaps, and setting ongoing expectations. As a lead developer, you should know how to conduct collaborative, productive, and […]

Summarize and analyze meetings with an AI assistant

With AI technology being used everywhere, it is natural to use it in different aspects of running a business. Many businesses gravitate towards improving employee productivity. There are different practical and effective ways for generating greater productivity in the workplace. For example, having an automated way of generating detailed meeting notes can save time and […]

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