5 Best Coding Challenge Websites

Practice makes perfect, right? We have all heard that a million times before in our lives. It is true, most of the things in life come to us once we practice and start being good at doing them. Coding can be considered one of those things. To be good at coding and doing certain codes, you have to practice through trial and error to perfect it. Trial and error are best done in certain challenges. In this article, I will present to you 5 of the best coding challenge websites that can help you perfect your coding and practice to make it immaculate.

1. TopCoder

To become a top coder, you could use Topcoder, pretty symbolic. The first tool on our list can help you with many things amongst them web development and developing amazing web experiences as well as running tests and fixing bugs fast and simply. Any data problem can be fixed in no time and if you want to do a project that is hard and requires more knowledge and development, you can turn to TopCoder because this tool can help you with that and make that hard project become reality.

2. Coderbyte

If the first tool is not good enough for you, you can head over to Coderbyte. This tool offers you a free trial by trying the first challenge for free to see how you are getting by. There are many coding challenges you can choose from as well as a chance to prep for your technical interviews. If you work in an organization, this tool can help you interview and evaluate candidates easily and with no stress. You can choose from 200+ challenges to tackle or choose the best options for your organization and your candidates with Coderbyte.

3. Exercism

If you need a completely free tool that will stay free, then you need to get Exercism. This tool offers you complete fluency in 61 programming languages. You can write your code locally and also get automated analysis on your code so you can be certain that you’ve done it right or if you’ve done it wrong, you can fix it and make it better. Exercism makes learning fun and makes you better than you were yesterday.

4. HackerRank

This next tool can be used if you are employed and own a company as well as if you are unemployed. You can use this tool if you are a job seeker and practice your skills to make them the best before you get on the job. If you already have amazing skills, you can apply to be one of the developers and practice your coding while working even more! It is a win-win situation with HackerRank.

5. Project Euler

The last one on our list can be a great tool for students or adults who want to learn more. Project Euler offers you 108 different programming languages with many challenges laying ahead and waiting to be solved so you can work on your knowledge and make it better. It is a mix of mathematics and programming so it is the best for people in those areas of knowledge but even if you are not a mathematics expert, you can become one with this tool.


In this article, we have talked about 5 of the best coding challenge websites and we have mentioned some of their features and possibilities. Your job is to read this article and choose one of these tools to help you challenge your coding and programming skills and make them even better. Practice makes it perfect!

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