Top 6 Traits That Will Help You Become a Great Programmer


Programming is not something that everyone can do. Only one percent of the people who get into this field manage to succeed because of their distinguishing traits. While the rest of the programmer end up striving throughout their lives to earn their living. If you are fresher and looking for ways to polish yourself to write your name in the golden list of that 1 percent then you need to inculcate the following traits in yourself. These traits have been found in the victorious programmers of the field and have some sort of correlation with the success.

Traits Which You Must Have As a Programmer:

The characteristics which will help you surpass your competitors and excel in the field of computer science are as follow;

The Optimistic Approach Towards Everything

It is a hundred times more difficult for a pessimist to succeed in any field of life than an optimist. Those who have a positive approach towards their job and genuinely care about the product of their client are commendable. This is not the trait you tell about yourself, it speaks for itself. As a programmer you should be willing to burn the midnight oil to fulfill the requirements of your clients. Completing the task within the deadline in one way or the other must be your priority. He must be humble and not a complainer.

Open to Accept Mistakes & Improve

In entrepreneurship, it is normal for all the newbies to make mistakes. There are indeed some deadly mistakes that will crumble your castle of a career in no time but no matter how skilled you are, you will make certain mistakes at different points of your professional life. A good programmer is the one who always keeps the door of improvement open. Instead of acting cocky, you must accept that you are a human being and are vulnerable to make mistakes. You should not mind taking reviews and feedback of your launched product to check its pros and cons.

Admirable Communication Skills    

Business is all about your interaction with people. If you are good at handling people then this world is in your palm, you can do whatever want to do with it. It has been seen that communication skills are directly related to development skills. Moreover, what is the use of talent if you cannot make use of it? Developing software is all the game of creativity. This creativity helps them understand the problem clearly and suggest a solution accordingly. So, if you have poor communication skills, you must start working on them first.

Task & Time Management

A significant trait that turns an ordinary programmer into an extraordinary one is his time and task management skills. He handles the tasks with exceptional efficiency even with short deadlines. Keeping the nerves in control, having the complete and utter control over the mind to stay focused, and get the job done beforehand is what will help you become the best of the best programmers. Many companies put great emphasis on this trait and test it by putting the programmer on an evaluation period and assigning tasks of diverse variety to check how the programmers handle the stress.


When you enter the professional field, you must come with professionalism. It will help you in hundreds and thousands of ways without making you even realize it. Professionalism does not only being punctual and word-keeper, it also means that you look and sound like an amazing programmer. There are a lot more chances of a well-groomed and well-dressed person having customized lanyard by 4inlanyards hanging around his neck than a messy drowsing around.

Experience That Matter 

As a programmer, look for all the possible ways to get experience in the field. Experience can do wonders for your career. The practical word is completely different from what you study in books. It helps you polish your skills in a much more applicable manner and mold your mind to work more effectively. Moreover, all the big firms and companies prefer to have experienced programmers by their side because they prove to be handier than inexperienced ones. The more algorithm-based problems you go through and solve, the better you get at it. So, try to avail of all the available opportunities to get valuable experience.   

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