Instagram Marketing: Create Cash Reserves On Instagram As A Fashion Blogger

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Everyone harps on to get 1k followers on Instagram in the shortest possible time and the art of making money on Instagram, but very few talk about a particular niche. Fashion is that particularly viable and lucrative option. You have brands and designers spending over $1 billion every year to sponsor and endorse Instagram Marketing.

TADA, one of the best shopify pop-up apps, has provided a comprehensive guideline on how you can design a successful Instagram Marketing Campaign for your business in 2020. Take a look to master one of the best social media platforms.

One of the things that Handsome devils did before opening was to naturally grow their instagram audience to circa 29,000 followers before successfully opening their barber shop in 2022. By using instagram to grow within the local community, the barbers over at Handsome devils were able to create hype, sell merchandise and fund the business for a successful opening.

Renowned fashion blogger Danielle Bernsttein has over a million followers on the platform like Instagram Marketing. Her blog attracts sponsors and who’s who of the fashion world. They pay more than $15,000 for just one IG post.

  • Their 15,000-odd IG posts entail everything from them at a basketball game clad in Denims, T-shirts and a trendy sports cap to a clean-shaven man in a rich suit sitting on a lounge, sipping coffee and reading magazines nonchalantly.
  • Fashion bloggers post daily, and the styles and fashion they showcase get immense attention.
  • For a fashion blogger, his/her payday doesn’t entail the perks and incentives that accompany their fashion blogging panache and lifestyle.
  • Alongside their sponsorship money, esteemed and popular fashion bloggers with large follower base often get tons of accessories and clothing at no cost. Yes, you read that right.
  • Brands gift their stuff to the bloggers so that they feature them on their Instagram feeds.
  • Negotiating exclusive items with select brands is a sure way to go.

Working with agents and filling up a niche is duly important.

Fashion blogging with Instagram

After you’ve sorted out why you need to blog and do it through IG, you need to follow a method.

  • It starts with creating awesome content. In today’s era, any person who wants to build and sustain a presence on the internet, and in any form niche, you have to devote all your resources and energy into creating compelling content for their chosen platform.
  • Sticking to a posting pattern and schedule is also crucial. Do remember that the platform’s algorithm can stifle your life, even if you are an ace in this field.
  • Still, it’s pivotal to make your schedule of posting and stick to it. It’s always a good idea to upload content daily, especially if you want to build a massive following.
  • You can always create a strong following if you buy real Instagram likes from licensed sites.
  • You need to interact and engage with your followers. Your focus should be on building a community and fostering a sense of oneness.
  • Direct communication with your followers helps in building your own army of fans.

It’s extremely pivotal to be authentic. If you’re showcasing fashion ideas, giving tips, or posting videos of different fashion events and fiestas, your content has to be unparalleled.

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A competitive world

Instagram Marketing: The fashion blogging circuit is extremely competitive. With so much high quality, you need to have an effective way to draw traffic and make yourself visible. The only way is to diversify and enrich your content.

  • Always upload attractive and colorful photos.
  • You should ensure that your images are clear and bright.
  • Some bloggers use pictures of their personal attire, some of scenery, bags, food etc.

Instagram’s direction in this regard is crystal clear. As a fashion blogger, you should always follow a concept, inculcate branding and be well-decked and crafted.

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