5 ways to make your app go socially viral

Driving millions of downloads and enriching viral is the dream of each app startup ancestor, but not each app has what it demands. If you’re relying on conventional marketing and promoting to stimulate downloads and perception, obtaining virility is almost unimaginable. As an app developer, you have a consistent goal to develop products people require, […]

Why WordPress is the best platform to grow your business efficiently?

WordPress has been around since 2003 and is the most popular blogging software on the marketplace available to buy. Over the last few years, WordPress has also become the content management software program of preference for non-blogging websites. Check this WordPress review to find out why? While they are essential elements of maintaining and managing […]

Nailing Social Media and Influencer Marketing 101

According to studies, the spend on influencer marketing is expected to reach $5-$10 billion by the year 2020. The figures are huge and they indicate just how influencer marketing along with social media marketing has grown substantially over the years. Being a social media marketer myself, I would love to introduce the aspiring marketers with […]

How do Calculators Help in making Financial Decisions by Technology

No doubt, technology is ubiquitous in the presence and timeless in importance. It has changed the lives of humans in every field. From the birth of a child to the launch of a satellite or detection of disease, everywhere technology is irreplaceable — no need to mention that it has now entered our financial lives […]

Age Verification – Putting your Business a Step Ahead!

Online Age verification has now become a major and daunting challenge for several industries. However, it is an immediate need for online platforms to protect their businesses from inappropriate consumer traffic. For this, a number of regulations are enforcing industries to take stringent measuring in support of refraining the under-age community from using disproportionate online […]

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