Why you Should have Social Media Business Cards in 2020 and How to Choose One

Social Media Business Cards

Social Media Business Cards in 2020: Most probably, you are reading this article on a smartphone or tablet and my job is to fight the Instagram and Messenger/WhatsApp notifications hovering on the notification bar with crisp content. Such is the power of tech innovations like online social media platforms and everything including your business cards needs to socialize in order to stay relevant. Today, we are going to discuss the solid reasons for having a Social Media Business Cards in 2020 and selecting the ideal one for your organization.

If you are running a business and don respectable online presence, dive in deeper to benefit from the most trending media of the 21st century and connect with your clients on the go!

Why Old Fashioned Business Cards are a Total Waste of Time

The millennials no longer buy the cliched idea of plain business cards. One of the famous examples is Mark Zuckerberg’s first visiting card.

Mark Zuckerberg’s first visiting card
Mark Zuckerberg’s first visiting card

Pale, boring, and prosaic business cards don’t capture attention due to a lack of association with the current environment. Even if you have your social media handles mentioned on them, it won’t add to the purpose. One of my favorite articles from Mashable published almost a decade ago also predicted the rise of social media friendly business cards precisely. Dive in to know them better.

The Sizzling Social Media Business Cards: Take Ahead your Brand Identity

Visiting cards have been long hailed as a person’s professional identity and stature. In essence, they not only serve as contact information but also establish a business and personal brand during the further course of interactions. Hence, having them stacked with splendid icons is imperative to connect beyond the physical contact through the virtual world.

Sizzling Social Media Cards
Sizzling Social Media Cards

Grab this design on Behance

Today, we’re consuming information on social media platforms for various purposes such as political decision making, accessing career development opportunities, learning new things, recreation, and expressing our views. Social Media Business Cards focus on leveraging the power of association with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and YouTube to make your brand accessible and trustworthy at the same time. 

Your customers can see your company’s accounts in a familiar graphical representation and build a satisfactory narrative of ‘being known.’ Notably, the approachability is another perk since the current generation ghosts everything that doesn’t appear on Google because it finds them suspicious. Using social media handles will increase your visibility and still promote your unique identity. So, consider getting yourself a business card that adds to your business philosophy, USP, and club it with the most relevant social media design for tapping every opportunity. This also means that both the business card and social media will complement each other to engage your prospectus.

How they Perform Better than Stereotyped and Generic Business Cards

When you meet a new person for official purposes, it’s difficult to share all your digital accounts and even if you tried doing it, things will turn clumsy. Generally, we exchange visiting cards and they serve as our personal representatives. 

Having your Twitter account or Youtube channel with a QR code will help the other person instantly access you on these social media channels. They won’t have to manually search you while staying relevant to current communication trends is equally vital to building a steady network.

The generic visiting cards often lose relevance due to the mundane layout while social media business cards bank on the already popular branding to create a captivating brand image for you. 

These cards are optimized for familiarity to concepts and curb the tendency to over-emphasize selling. Instead, they establish a causal connection without pitching the products/services personally.

Moreover, your brand will also enjoy the attributes of the concerned platform like a visiting card with GitHub oriented concept that will instantly strike resemblance with a software background. They portray ideas and narratives within a short time frame and limited data.

On the other hand, simple visiting cards with textual information will either result in low engagement or turn in mini brochures if the designer takes things too far. Hence, the social media business cards perform better on all aspects of serving their purpose than their older contenders.

Recent Trends in the Social Media Business Cards and How to Choose your Ideal One

The good thing about choosing one is that you don’t need to stress out about the concept beyond a limit. For say, your company is dealing with clothing and accessories, Instagram would be your ideal social media. Emulating the feed and highlighting the contact details as caption will fetch attention naturally. You can also use the grid preview to pitch the products like on the app. 

Similarly, for a commercial solution vendor like accounting software, desktop publishing programs, payroll software, and photo editors; the YouTube UI will act as the perfect backdrop and rope in the prospective client/business associate to your channel to gain valuable information about you and your work quickly.

Choosing the ideal one only requires you to align your business objective with the social media application’s motto for quick, lasting, and satisfactory engagement on a consistent basis. The ability to change the displayed content on the stated link is another timeless benefit you won’t like to miss out on.

Wrapping Up

One of the things that will keep amusing the techno-savvy young folks in 2020 and beyond will be various social media and getting your business identity on-board will give you a commanding influence on every individual who’d hold your visiting card. As mentioned above, you can either hand out your visiting cards like a postman or use social media business cards to amp up your branding game. 

So don’t forget to pick up the best social media business card design that does the storytelling for your organization and connect with all the stakeholders while socializing with them. 

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