7 Smart Tips for a Successful Amazon Marketing Campaign

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When it comes to the retail market, Amazon is a giant, being responsible for approximately 40 percent of the total online sales. Also, with more and more Amazon Marketing advertisers planning to boost their advertising spend this 2020, the competition is likely heating up. That’s why you must take your Amazon advertising game to the next level by taking into consideration some digital marketing trends this 2020.

Seven marketing tips for a successful Amazon marketing advertising campaign. 

1. Enhance product details pages

The first main thing that you need to do in order to bring in traffic to your Amazon listing is to optimize your detail page. This includes adding your target keywords to your product title and description.

Thus, ensuring that you have a cost-effective campaign that converts. Not to mention that an Amazon listing that is not optimized can make your Automatic Campaigns ineffective.

Hence, make sure that you incorporate the right keywords on your product details, and that it is well-written. 

2. Choose the right keywords

Speaking of optimizing your product details with keywords, be sure that you are using the right ones. You will also need to bid for the right keywords if you intend to run an Amazon Marketing PPC campaign.

The trick here is to look and bid for keywords that convert well, as this is deemed to be profitable.

You can start by running an Automatic Campaign to help you pick the right keywords. Amazon will usually run the campaign for you, choosing the appropriate keywords based on their algorithm. 

Next, look into the keywords that Amazon was able to gather for your campaign. This will give you an overview of the most searched keywords, as well as the high converting ones.

Doing so will give you an insight into how you should adjust your Amazon marketing ads to bring in more sales. Or you may choose to hire some Amazon marketing agencies to help do the keyword research for you, as well as pinpoint which ones are profitable.

3. Run manual and automated campaigns

It’s highly recommended that you run both Manual and Automatic Campaigns for every group of products you’re selling. 

Manual targeting is great if you want to pick keywords on your own. You’re the one who will do your own keyword research, learn about the worth of these keywords, and which keywords will drive the best results. 

This is great if you want to have more control over your campaigns, and you already have the experience of running an Amazon marketing Sponsored Campaign in the past.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have any prior keyword data for your product listings, then automatic targeting will be your best option, as they will already provide you with a list of prospective keywords for your sponsored product listing. 

This is excellent for those that are just starting to get the feel on how to run a sponsored product on Amazon.  

4. Set your budget

If you’re running a sponsored ad campaign on Amazon, set your budget first. That’s because most of these ads operate on a pay-per-click scale, you need to create a maximum budget that you’re willing to spend. 

At present, keyword bids on Amazon are relatively lower as compared to Google. You have to make estimates on the keywords and find out where the average bid falls on your products. Then, from there, you need to create a maximum bid that works perfectly for your campaign.

You might not spend all of this money, but at least you know how much you’re willing to spend on this campaign. 

5. Encourage customers to leave a review

One of Amazon’s best features is having a review system. When you focus on getting positive reviews from customers, you can improve your popularity organically. 

When you offer incentives like temporarily lowering your prices and giving away freebies, you can encourage more people to leave you with good reviews. 

6. Enroll in Amazon brand registry

Amazon’s advertising platform features tools that can help boost your profile. This includes the brand registry.

Enrolling yourself in an Amazon brand registry is pretty easy and simple, and the best thing about it is that you only have to do it once. 

It can help improve your business’s presence on the platform. Plus, you get to access a whole range of features that can help you protect your trademark, for example. 

7. Consider Amazon’s sponsored brands

According to a survey done by Cowen and Co., Sponsored Brands (also known as Headline Search Ads) are bought by approximately 18 percent of buyers. 

Because they show up on the search results of Amazon marketing, Sponsored Brands allows advertisers to create brand awareness which is helpful especially if you’re promoting multiple products. 

These are great for top-of-the-funnel advertising, especially when you pair it with branded searches and keywords. 

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You can utilize them to create brand recognition by taking advantage of that opportunity to create a custom headline, ASINs, logo, and so on. You can also use it to drive clicks to your Product Listing Page and storefront. 

Driving internal traffic to your listings is not only a great way to create initial conversations and sales, but also supplements your organic traffic to grow your sales over time.

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