Artificial Intelligence, Marketing Needs and the New Consumer Experience

Artificial intelligence, marketing needs and the new consumer experience

The speed in the development, evolution and implementation of new technologies is only increasing, there is no way to stop it. If we focus on the marketing area, we will see how it has great opportunities to develop a better and more positive relationship with consumers from expanding their knowledge about them.

It is important to highlight, the disciplines in Artificial Intelligence are not intended for a specific department, much less are developed to follow a single function. We have previously defined the immense path that marketing teams travel (currently) to update their processes and adapt new technologies in favor of the department’s objectives.

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To highlight, and start, the conversation about how Artificial Intelligence technologies are linked to marketing, it is important to mention machine learning. This allows computers to “learn” about past actions to find patterns and even arrive at the prediction of actions.

Imagine the ability to know how your buyer’s behavior will be; Know the future, thanks to data analysis. This ability to manage information allows actions within established parameters, that is, to know the information, analyze it and act on it, without the need to create a new schedule for each need.

It is likely that, in the coming years, the implementation of this and more technologies will be an elementary part of the work, but the reality is different. Currently, although immersed in it daily, not all marketing teams are prepared to face the challenge of the use and development of artificial intelligence among their tasks.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Improve the consumer experience from knowledge

The center of all current strategies of the best marketing companies, are focused on the consumer. Because, the high demand for services provide the environment for similar ideas. The secret is to stop selling and focus on connecting at a personal level that almost always generates instant empathy.

Current consumers have a very high initial expectation, which only continues to increase; Each contact with him must be personal enough to create intimacy. According to the 2017 “State of marketing” report, made by Salesforce , 64% of the marketing leaders surveyed say they are focused on creating a consistent experience for their consumers through all the channels used.

Large companies have made the decision to get more from their audiences by paying more attention to their personalities and needs; This works the same for both your private clients and companies. The mentioned study highlights that:

52% of consumers are willing to look for other options if the company does not personalize their communications

65% of business consumers are willing to look for other options if the company does not personalize their communications

A marketing team committed to the results should establish as a standard family communications, communications that feel comfortable and friendly. This leads to great benefits for the organization, the result of a great strategy focused on providing an optimal “Customer Experience”:

  • Brand Loyalty Increase
  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Higher customer satisfaction rates
  • Increase in trust towards the company

Achieving these excellent relationships is to establish a customer base to nurture and increase, where each of them will be 5.2% more likely to make a purchase , creating a competitive advantage with other companies.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and marketing needs

There are few spaces where AI is not present, becoming a latent concern in the minds of marketing managers. An increase in its use is expected in 53% of respondents, who are focused on taking advantage of the benefits of being digital.

This significant growth is a decision made by those who use it, due to the versatility of Artificial Intelligence that can help at all times of the cycle of creation, review and communication between companies and consumers.

Many have made the decision but only a few get the results they expect from AI. They show how Artificial Intelligence has benefited your team, in terms of productivity and achievement of objectives. For example:

“In the end, evolution is the best medicine against obsolescence. Thanks to new technology and tools. We adapt and develop our skills, and today we have the opportunity to do it again. ”(Rob norman- Former Global Chief Digital Officer, GroupM)

When visualizing the future of marketing, there is no evidence of being moving away from its main objectives. such as: attracting, falling in love, loyalty or any other. To promote the fusion with great technologies and turn it into a “technological marketing” is to work smarter.

One of the fears, for this and many other items, is to doubt the individual capabilities and believe that the machines will have the role in the future. There are not enough reasons not to take the initiative to become a high-performance marketing team, when they could be exploiting the potential of the tools that currently help and drive the:

  • Content Healing
  • Budgeting in online advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Customer service
  • Workflow automation

Cheer up, transform and convert a new marketing team into a technological machine that acts according to trends, quality information and the most appropriate tools to achieve your goal.

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