Benefits of Embracing the Millennial Workforce

Millennial Workforce

Millennials are a large part of the US workforce. Although much of the talk about this generation revolves around them as a narcissistic and coddled generation, that overly-simplistic viewpoint overlooks some of the millennials’ greatest traits. And it certainly excludes the benefits they bring to a changing Millennial workforce.


Millennials grew up during the birth of the information age. They used to having information shared, and freely. They appreciate transparency and will provide it to others in your organization. 

large study of global millennial workers showed that they value open communication as a key to job satisfaction. They are more interested in collaboration than competition, a quality that can promote workplace sharing. 

Dedication to a Cause

If you are looking for a workforce that is truly dedicated to a cause, then look no further. Millennials are passionate and persistent, and they want their actions to have meaning. Connect with them on your mission and vision, and you will have a dedicated employee who will willingly sing your praises. 

Business professionals, like Eyal Gutentag, caution against seeing Millenials as self-centered. Yes, they want praise for their actions. But, they also want those actions to support the greater good. 

Excellent Use of Data

For first time in history, majority of the workforce was raised in an entirely digital age. That leaves companies with a digitally-savvy pool of applicants that can transform data into useable information. Millennials are also great at adapting to new technology, thanks to rapid advances and changes in their lifetimes. 


This generation values flexibility in the workplace. They work best when given leeway, and wither under micromanagement. Instead of being problematic, that frees upper management teams up to handle bigger projects. 

Job satisfaction ranks high for millennial workers, and they are willing to change careers to find it. Be willing to rethink rigid policies to attract and retain top talent from this segment of the workforce. The benefits your business will receive will more than make up for the effort. 

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