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Types of Online Marketing

You want to take your advertising in a new direction and are looking for an innovative way to reach new customers. Online marketing is the quickest and least expensive way to get your company’s name out to millions of potential clients. Types of Online Marketing are explained in this article.

Here are a few types of Online Marketing to look into.


This medium is one every company should have this type of online marketing. While you deliberate how you want your daytona beach web design to look, consider what you want your site to do as well. If business offers a service, you can add a scheduler that will let customers set up appointments with you when it is better convenient for them. They can do this even when you are closed. If you sell products, you can add these items to an online store which will allow them to shop every hour of the day. Adding a contact link lets them ask you questions, giving you one more opportunity to talk with them. Gather a variety of professional photos to add to the pages and get a clear image of your logo to be in the header.

Email Marketing

Communicating with your clients by email gives them promotional materials instantaneously that they can keep in their inbox to refer to later. Write messages that are quick and concise to ensure that they will read the entire thing instead of deleting it. Add a catchy header to it before you send it out that will make them want to open and evaluate it. Ask new customers for their email addresses, letting them know that they will receive special discounts for doing so. You can also offer a prize or special if they forward the email onto a friend, and that person comes in to shop with you.

Social Media

Building a presence on social media could be the cheapest option that can reach the most people. Set up an account on the various platforms then set up a page for your company. Link these to your website and add the addresses for these on your web page. Once you have these setup, post about your products and services. Add colorful photos or popular videos to attract those who visit your page. Offer contests to get more people to like your page or follow you. Add items regularly to keep your audience interested in your profile.

Influencer Marketing

This type of advertising goes with social media. Research influencers that have a large following on the various platforms and contact them. Look specifically for ones that specialize in what you sell. Talk with a couple to see what they will charge you to promote your company. If you can work with one, they will post or film videos for their pages using your products or talking about your services. Once they share your information with their people, those customers will seek you out to get what their influencer was speaking about.

Blog Posts

If you are a expert in your industry, you can set up a blog to discuss what you know. While you can do this on a separate platform, it would be best to add this to your website so that your current customers can read it and those who are seeking it out can also take a look at what your company has to offer. Invite colleagues to put together something to post as well to give your followers a different insight. Take a look at it for grammar and content before you upload it. You can also offer to be a guest on another blog to gain more clients as well.


This medium is trendy at this moment in time. A podcast lets the listener tune in to a show on a subject they are interested in while they are in the car, cooking at home, or even at work. If you have a studio that can let you record one of these, you should consider putting one together. Libsyn offers The Best Podcast Hosting the Way You Want It and they will help you get started. Like a blog post, you can speak about what you know considering the type of business you are in. Make sure that your content is informative but energetic enough to keep their interest as they are listening. Also, be sure to refer back to your website and social media pages if they need more information.

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