Helpful Tips for Handling Business Phone Calls

Business Phone Calls

Many businesses don’t handle incoming customer, or vendor calls very well. The way you (or your employees) answer the phone calls and handle the call says a lot about the business. If you want to ensure that the calls coming into your business are handled properly, there are some tips you can use. Keep reading to learn what about these tips are.

Answer the Call Quickly  

There’s isn’t anything quite as annoying as a phone calls that rings over and over before it is answered. Not only is this frustrating, but it’s also quite unprofessional.  A business line needs to be answered by the third ring, if possible. If it rings more than this, it’s just too much. If you have trouble answering the calls in this amount of time, consider using a phone answering service.

Answer in a Warm and Welcoming Manner

Just having a smile on your face when talking is going to help significantly. While this may sound corny, it is a method that really does work.

Introduce the Business and Yourself

You should never just blurt out the name of your company when you answer the phone. Too often do receptionists answer with “XYZ company” as the greeting. Unfortunately, this is unwelcoming, off-putting, and typically always aggressive.

A better option is to say something like, “Good afternoon, XYC company, John speaking, how can I help you today?” If you have a personal business phone that someone is calling, saying something like, “Hello, this is John,” is acceptable. This will not only help to confirm that the person calling has gotten the right number, but it will also set the tone for a friendly, yet professional conversation. Moreover, staying connected with a number of customers all at once via sms is another good option. In this regard, you can use a SMS Blast, which will help you to send your msg to a group of customers all together and you won’t have to bother sending them separate messages, it will save your time as well.

Always Speak Clearly

There is nothing more off-putting to someone who calls your business than a person who talks to quickly or someone who sounds like they don’t care. Make sure you speak slowly and that you don’t mumble. Use a moderate tone to ensure that the person on the other end of the phone can understand you. The caller should never have to ask to repeat what you have said.

As you can see, when it comes to talking to someone on the phone, there are several tips that you can implement. If you feel as though your employees aren’t doing this, it’s a good idea to invest in new training, which will help you ensure your customer’s needs are met when they call your business. 

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