8 reasons why education helps to advance your career at any level

how to advance your career

How to advance your career: Once, someone asked renowned physicist and Nobel laureate, Richard Feynman, if an ordinary person who studies really hard can reach his level. He responded, “I am an ordinary person who studied really hard.”

The lesson from the above adage is clear. Education helps you make inroads into the career of your choice! Know how to advance your career

Quality education gives you enough to help you find your true calling. Not only it helps shape a trajectory for a career, but it also aids further in inspiring the personal and social intent of an individual.

Above all, a literate person is far more equipped with an intellect that helps them differentiate between right and wrong, or essential and unimportant. It strengthens a person’s self-assessment abilities and teaches logical decision making.

Both the academic knowledge and personal qualities acquired by education shape up refined personalities that are highly needed in all sorts of careers. In short, quality learning nurtures a skilled professional. 

Whether you are doing an entry-level job or serving at a higher designation, continuing education will undoubtedly help you achieve career progress. Below, you will get to know some reasons why education has an impact on career advancement at any level and know how to advance your career.

Education opens multiple career opportunities.

Your exposure and in-depth learning of various subjects broaden career opportunities for you. For instance, you may get a degree in engineering, but if you excelled in language studies, you might have a stable career in that as well.

Studying a variety of subjects broadens your skillset and opens up your mind to unique ideas. It makes it easy for you to discover what you are good at and what interests you.

Therefore, proficiency in more than one subject can help you to foray into entrepreneurship. That could bring additional income while you pursue your primary job. You may be a part-time career coach and continue your day job as a Finance Executive.

Decent jobs from the beginning

A career path may be a rocky road for someone who is undergraduate and got hired on a low paying, contract-based job. It takes much longer for them to reach a stable position, and they need to struggle constantly to come out of the fear of getting fired anytime.

On the other hand, the path is much smoother, and even like a step ladder for someone who begins work after getting a qualification. They will most probably get hired in a permanent position, unlike their high school pass-out colleagues.

Not only will their designation be higher, but they will also be offered a better salary that will help them attain a decent living standard. They have a degree to back their credibility and hence is rewarded with a stable job from the beginning. 

A stable job means a relatively relaxed life. Hence graduates go on to get additional education like certificate courses and postgraduate degrees to advance their career further. 

An investment with a remarkable ROI

Benjamin Franklin rightly says that an investment in knowledge gives the best returns!

I know what students usually feel about spending money on getting a degree from a prestigious institution. But paying the UT online MBA cost is definitely worth it! 

Why? Because if you invest in higher education, your career will progress, and so will your earnings. You will make enough money to pay off the student debt, and still have enough to lead a good quality life. 

And don’t forget all the job perks that come with career upgrades, like allowances, bonuses, and insurance that will save your expenditure. Refer to the graph below to understand how education has a direct impact on earnings.

Opting to continue your education is a decision that you will never regret for sure.

Increased chances of getting promoted

As mentioned earlier, you can elevate your chances of career development by attaining education. Every company’s higher authorities realize that a literate person can handle employees junior to them very efficiently. That is because they have leadership and supervision skills, which are mandatory for managerial positions.

Promoting a qualified person is in the employers’ best interest. They will apply the learned best practices to solve issues and show a rational approach towards every situation.

Better communication skills

Remember all the presentations, seminars, debates, and discussions that were held in high school and university? They are done purposely to develop the communication skills of the students. It is a part of the training given to instill confidence that is crucial in the corporate setup.

People who have had the privilege of going to university are much better at communicating their thought processes to others. They have encountered several such scenarios while studying that requires efficient communication, so it’s not something that would make them anxious.

Education structures your mind

One of the best reasons to get proper education is that it structures a person’s thought process, making them a productive member of society.

All sorts of jobs need a person to have the ability to reason. Imagine there is trouble in between a process where you work. Some undergraduate people will most likely conclude hurriedly, beginning the blame game.

On the other hand, one with a proper education would adopt a strategic approach to solve the problem without wasting time in office politics.

He would analyze the situation and come up with a smart solution based on logical thinking. Next, they would guide their peers comprehensively to complete the task. After job is done, they will report it to higher authorities to take on record the whole scenario and how they solved it.

Develops time management skills

You might hate assignments, projects, and exams while you are getting an educational degree. But, later in life, you will know the worth of these tasks as they efficiently build your time management skills.

A project will make you realize the importance of a month. An assignment would help you understand the value of a week. And you will get to know how precious a minute can be when you sit for exams.

Managing your time is pivotal for any career, and you will need to master it quickly if you wish to give an excellent impression to your bosses.

Better grasp at task comprehension  

A new task, or a highly complicated one, can seem to be quite challenging for any employee. And it is not like any university in the world can teach you how to ace every task beforehand. What it does teach instead, is how to respond in challenging situations professionally.

Suppose there comes a project which is entirely based on a new concept. Both qualified and unqualified workers are clueless about it. What gives qualified ones an edge, though, is that they have the relevant skills to carry out a task from beginning to end in a strategic manner.  

They know how to learn. Therefore they will understand the complexities a lot quicker than their unqualified peers. From mass information, they will quickly assimilate data that is required. 

Working in teams is also a forte of someone who has got higher education, which is an additional help when it comes to projects. In fact, extracting the needed data and working efficiently in a team are two points that are listed on Harvard’s list of qualities of an educated person.

Final thoughts 

“Strive not to be someone successful, but rather to be someone of value.” – Albert Einstein

If we believe in the above quote by Einstein, we must dedicate efforts towards achieving value through education. Success, and eventually, the money will follow soon after. Without a doubt, a secure future awaits the one who prioritizes getting quality education by making how to advance your career.

Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia
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