7 Steps On How To Perform An Seo Audit

Seo Audit

SEO experts understand the value of frequent audits but it may sound like a daunting challenge for those of us who only have a basic knowledge of SEO. But in today’s world of digital marketing, having a clear understanding of this is becoming more and more important and you can take help of SEO professional service for the same.

In case you’re searching for counsel on the best way to run an SEO review, you’ll discover increasingly about the new strategies and get some guidance on what, where, and why.

Meaning SEO Audit?

An SEO audit reviews the website’s safety and, in so doing, avoids spam and recommends how to improve it. SEO audits are relevant for a variety of reasons, not least because Google regularly updates its algorithm according to new technologies and changing search trends.

An important starting point for any digital marketer is to perform a comprehensive SEO audit, whether you do so in-house or outsource the job. It is because it allows you to evaluate your current SEO activities, no matter how robust or scarce they might be, and take decisive action off the basis of those observations.

Here are a few steps for SEO Audit –

1.          Website and Crawling Audits

Every successful SEO audit begins with a comprehensive crawl on site.This lets you assess the current circumstance and perceive any issues that can happen with your site. Essentially, a crawl will help set a benchmark for the remainder of the audit.

It is good practice to do an automated scan once a month simply to monitor basic factors such as bounce rate, conversions, and views of the page. Critical issues, for example, any one-page mistakes such as broken connections, page titles, and meta-information or excess substance, would likewise be essential. And if you consider any big problems then you should contact a specialist for a thorough audit. A closer inspection will be carried out periodically.

The site is checked when you do an inquiry or a full review, so you will discover bugs, in addition to it, gives you key measurements to enhance the site to make more grounded SEO so brand mindfulness. 

A couple of key zones to consider when playing out a checklist of SEO audit

• URL Structure: Are your URLs no different, spotless, and basic?

• Content: Is your copy well written, original, insightful, and formatted?

• Meta descriptions: are they special on every page, and the length is correct?

• Links: Have you got a 5 percent average? Are they all working out?

• Pictures: The details are on point?

• Structure of the Website: Is navigation clear and simple?

A comprehensive review will examine the landing page and how it compares to other sites, the general user-friendliness of the website, the interface, and whether advertisements and banners are successful or in a way.

2.    Page Geschwindigkeit

Site speed is also big when conducting an SEO audit of a website and the website load time is crucial. A fast site speed encourages a favorable user experience, while a slow one in our age of short attention spans would inevitably result in higher bounce rates. That is a long way from perfect if your site goes about as one of your principal channels of transformation.

Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to measure the website’s speed as it runs both on the desktop and on your smartphone. YSlow is another device that will check your pages and offer suggestions that you can without much of a stretch actualize, for example, legitimate pressure and picture designing. While, Pingdom Website Speed Test checks each piece of each webpage page, and gives an expansive overview of things on a webpage, their scale, and individual weight times.

The value of a speed test lies in the fact that, from an SEO perspective, you can assess which elements of your website serve as obstacles. You’ll be able to maximize the efficiency of your site once you know which places you need to change.

3.    Assess your Site Architecture

Another aspect that will boost the SEO of your site is to ensure that it has a solid structure. The better the interface, the better the experience for the client, both as far as site clients and the bots that slither it to decide search rankings.

For this purpose, it is important to have a simple, logical, ordered framework which is reflected in a complete, accurate sitemap. Equally critical is a solid URL-structure.

Ensure that it relates to the chain of command of the site and you stick to basic and simple naming shows, maintaining a strategic distance from symbols or numbers where conceivable.

One part of a good website architecture involves ensuring that all of your key websites are listed in your website’s top navigation bar so that visitors and bots can quickly and efficiently locate anything they need.

Ensure that it relates to the chain of command of the site and you stick to basic and simple naming shows, maintaining a strategic distance from symbols or numbers where conceivable.

4.    Test the material on your Website

Content is a fundamental aspect of on-page SEO and will have a direct influence on the success of your platform. Google is a promoter of frequently updated, original content, specific to a searcher’s needs and preferences. This means you need to make sure that the content on your website fulfills this brief, so you can experience enhanced brand exposure and higher rankings.

You should use keywords consistently, in a natural manner when creating content. You have to find some kind of harmony between utilizing explicit catchphrases yet not moving ‘nasty’ on to your image. Value and relevance are important when it comes to creating SEO content.

5.    Check the passwords

Concise, concise title tags that accurately convey the intent of the respective webpage. Search engines can cut off longer titles so in this case, less is better. Where appropriate, try to include a related keyword.

Meta-tag acts as a summary of the content of a web page. If configured, a searcher will be encouraged to click to your website via your listing on a SERP. Alt labels for pictures in the interim are a depiction of text that is applicable for bots when slithering a site. When you have detailed explanations of the photos on your web this will have a huge effect on your SEO.

In terms of other few important tags, making sure that each of your pages includes a rel=”canonical “link (otherwise known as the canonical tag) in their HTML will prevent duplicate content issues, while blog post tags will help you organize the content of your site for crawling- provided you have a blog of course.

6.     Check your Backlinks

It’s not what you know sometimes but who you know. Search engines will also assess the quality of the website and its perceived value to searchers based on the quality of the connecting websites. Historically, there has been a method known as ‘link farming’ involving the sharing of reciprocal links with other sites to boost the SEO.

SEO ‘s function has been refined over time, however, and algorithms have become more sophisticated. It’s consistency over quantity in terms of backlinks now, and if a search engine assumes that dubious websites are linking with you, it might disrepute your site. Likewise, it is important to ensure that your links come from several domains, and not from the same website, because this will also affect your SEO.

7.    SEO Audit Tools

Luckily, there are many SEO review apparatuses out there for a large portion of us who aren’t SEO specialists that can assist you with playing out a powerful SEO review.Below are only a few instances.

Google Analytics: For any digital marketer in any industry this is a must-have. This will provide you with key indicators of all types of metrics and instruct you in a variety of ways to boost SEO. It’s something that records and controls traffic persistently can be facilitated into Screaming Frog so you can take a gander at site data, for instance, gatherings, site visits, and ricochet rates, which will give you an undeniably granular, broadly comprehensive information into what’s new with your site.

Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console): Google offers numerous cheap apparatuses that permit you to do day by day SEO checks and assist you with seeing your site “as” Google considers it to be an approach to follow your website’s proficiency.

This tool allows you to check your links to ensure that they are all working for, rather than against, traffic. These will call attention to, for instance, any messed up ties, adequate association length, and structure of both inward and outside ties. Although this is something that can be performed manually very quickly, it takes seconds to do so, literally.

Search engine optimization Report Card: This investigates the site to perceive how well it is taking care of business comparative with the opposition. It will experience such things as rank examination, building connection structures, certainty measurements, and pattern authority. This will also determine the overall speed and user-friendliness of your pages.

MOZ’s Crawl Test Tool: Once you get a MOZ expert membership, you’ll likewise get an instrument to assist you with improving page positioning for various watchwords and send you development reports. This is utilizing MOZ’s crawler to assess the pages and afterward present a report.

Browseo: This application causes you to get to your website pages similarly as a web search tool understands them. It will permit you to review and refine the more specialized components of your substance where fundamental.

Majestic: an instrument that is self-portrayed as ‘the biggest connection file database on earth’ and will assist you with finding who connects to you, so you can perceive whether they give a significant and pertinent association.

A detailed list of the SEO audit tools is available on HubSpot.


Trends are evolving rapidly in the digital marketing environment, and if you want to keep up with your rivals, your SEO strategy needs to keep up. Performing an SEO audit is the perfect way to evaluate the ranking of your website and identify that what you need to do, to get it on the way to page one.

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