Strategic Off-Page SEO Plan For Every Online Business

off-page seo

Most people believe ranking in search results solely depends on the on-page elements for a website. There’s no doubt to it, however, ranking in search results requires more than just speeding up your website or optimizing the keywords in your content. It is rightly said that SEO is more of a popularity contest than just tweaking around some elements on the website. And most of these popularity contests take place far away from the website. To put this into perspective, it is vital to include off-page seo strategies into your overall SEO plan.

Here in this article, you shall find the most effective off-page SEO practices that can help your website rank better in search results.

Link Building

Google and other popular search engines consider backlinks as votes for your website. Evidently, it means you must include backlinks building into your off-page SEO strategy. Most importantly, backlinks help improve your website’s authority and also bring in referral traffic from the linking domains.

Social Signals

Another important off-page SEO practice is linking your website with social media. Essentially, you’ll need to create a page on Facebook, handle on Instagram, and profile on twitter and any other social media platform that you can think of. The idea is to promote your website as a brand before your target audience, and nothing works better than social signals in this regard.

Brand Mentions

Since branding is considered as an important marketing tool, why not include it into your off-page SEO plan? In fact, brand mentions can help increase your brand awareness online and therefore improve your organic ranking in search results. And it is needless to say that improved organic rankings translate into improved organic traffic.

Guest Posting

One of most effective ways of improving your off-page SEO for your website is posting content on other blogs and websites as a guest contributor. Essentially, when you take up link building using guest blogging, the chances of your website’s ranking in SERP are much higher. Moreover, when you contribute to other websites, you also establish yourself as an expert author or content creator, which in turn improves your own value and thus your website as well.

Directory Submissions

Although directory submission is more important for businesses that operate online, it is still an incomparable tool for improving search rankings. It is almost used irreplaceably in local SEO for business listings, but you can benefit from it for your blog as well. Especially, if you plan to extend your blog into a service platform for your audience.

Image/Video Sharing

Similar to social signals, links from platforms that share images and videos can also help with better SERP rankings for your website. Essentially, image or video sharing helps educate your audience about your brand. And once they understand they can easily convert into leads on your website.

Regardless of the type of website you own, whether it is an e-commerce platform or simply a lifestyle blog, off-page SEO is something that you cannot overlook. So, if you really wish your website to improve ranking in SERPs, then make sure you include the aforementioned strategies into your marketing plan.

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