Instagram’s Best Graphic Design Trends For 2020

instagram Graphic Design Trends

Instagram’s Best Graphic Design Trends: Instagram played a pivotal role in today’s popular culture, highlighting the best influencers. In 2020 Instagram is counted as an essential marketing platform. Successful brands and social influencers rely on it heavily to market their products, promote their concepts, and increase their fan following.

Several factors made Instagram famous. Refined aesthetics, filters, and the new dark theme are few of them. Established brands, start-up businesses, and social media influencers can also add to their likes and views by purchasing more followers. To know more about this, check out Instagram statistics and facts are wildly fluctuating and interesting.

Let’s delve into the interesting bit and focus on the popular Instagram graphic trends for 2020.

Analogue Texture

It’s a blast from the past and is soon to reign as a popular design trend in Instagram in 2020. Analogue texture is all set to fill up the feeds. Are you thinking how a digital element can be analogue? If yes, you need to think creatively. Visualize the high-street, peeling billboards, folded and crumpled papers, and broken glass. You could also imagine the dog-earned magazine corners. This trend is all about daily life wear and tear, joining hands with digital excellence. Are you planning to give your brand’s look a facelift? If yes, then this gritty aesthetic will do you right as you post your Instagram Stories.

If you don’t want to use the grid trend, analogue texture is a smart way to add more jazz to your Instagram Stories. It’s perfect for brands and organizations that are concentrating on an edgy customer segment. Furthermore, brands willing to modify their look, for instance, music, cosmetics, and fashion brands can benefit from this trend.

Vintage Tech

The graphic designs influenced by this trend are gradually making it to the Instagram feeds. It has been prevalent before, but in 2020 it will reign supreme. The vintage photography trend is a significant impact on this trend, using Polaroid frames, print negatives, vintage camcorder watermarks, grainy film effects, and exposure light leaks. Brands may also witness an increase in mock-ups of the yesteryear computer applications, such as the Windows 95 and Microsoft Paint. You might get to see them in your Instagram feeds in addition to other vintage manufacturing processes, like the screen-printing. And similar to analogue texture, Vintage Tech is also reflecting the real-world imperfections. Do you want to make your content look a little more unique? If yes, opt-in for this graphic design trends.

Powder Pigments

Instagram has been showcasing pastel tones since the millennial pink boom in 2015.  However, today in 2020, you can experience pastels in a new way. The peachy, bright hues of 2019 are all set to transform into dustier, darker, and more textural shades. The web and graphic design experts are expecting the pastel tones to acquire more masculine and industrial form on Instagram. These usually get set against the backdrop of similar hues, along with a more minimalist composure of modern, cool look. Furthermore, the hard-wearing pastels provide a new way for businesses to introduce the power pigments inside their palette and not resemble anything cliché.

Authentic Imagery

Recently, authenticity is the buzzword on Instagram. Today, content creators and brands are moving towards real-life elements to showcase originality instead of doctored images. And that has brought us to the “no-edit” edit style for our social media posts. The pictures that get carefully crafted are becoming an old trend. The new-age audience wants content that is relatable and feels more natural, instead of programmed.

Many brands are sharing their posts in a “real life” shot format instead of glossy edits. Web and graphic design experts and popular content creators suggest that it’s essential for brands to share something inspiring and beautiful through their posts. However, it is also necessary to tell a story, for which “authenticity” is an essential element that resonates with most. It is required to find something “aesthetic” within the real-life imperfections. That will enhance the brand and follower/audience connection more reliable in the forthcoming days.

The Phygital Objects

It’s time for brands and social influencers to welcome a brand-new artist on Instagram. It’s a digital sculptor. Here you get to delve into elements like perfectly smooth circles to the curved conical figures that get digitally created. It’s going to pop up throughout 2020 across the grid.

Several skincare brands have said yes to this graphic design trends. They have successfully combined their products with accurately shaped 3D objects. This trend is highly new-age and futuristic when it comes to application. It is perfect for those businesses and brands that want to leverage the minimalistic and modernist design in their Instagram posts.

These are five top graphic design trends that you can opt-in for in 2020! The global lockdown has given businesses and social influencers the time to reshape and rebuild their social media marketing strategies. Opting in for the best graphic designs will help you add to this objective seamlessly.

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