How to Leverage Social Media for your Moving Company

leverage social media

Managing a moving company, for example, the best moving company in NJ, it can be quite a heavy role, especially since you’re handling not just your movers, but also different clients and destinations. You have to manage paperwork, make sure you have supplies, and that your movers are adequately trained & equipped to get the job done. Thing is, you might be focused too much on getting operations done that you might not get your marketing game right. Thankfully, if your moving company is on Facebook, Twitter, and other leverage social media websites, you might be in the right place to get yourself popular with your audiences.

How does this work, though? Here are some ideas:

Take note of the strengths of social media platforms and plan your approach to the kind of content that’s consumed in these sites.

You’ll want to take note of what sort of content certain leverage social media platforms want to have, so you can optimize your content for their platform. For instance: 

  • Instagram works best if you want to showcase pictures and short videos of your moves, which can be very appealing to users. 
  • Meanwhile, Twitter works best with quick blasts of content, as it functions more as a quick newsfeed – so super short but sweet content (perhaps images, or even quick facts) can help you get noticed. 
  • YouTube focuses more on videos, so tutorials and vlogs can do great in expanding knowledge about your company. 
  • Lastly, Facebook is very broad and can accommodate a lot of content, so this is where you should be experimenting interacting with your clients and readers. 

Use online communities and groups to expand your reach.

Did you know that the average American will likely move 11.7 times in their entire lifetime, with an estimated 15.3-million households moving in a single year? These are very huge numbers, and the implications are much greater. This means you’re going to notice a lot of people posting about their moves every so often, with a lot more people organizing online forums, groups, and communities that talk about their move. If you cater your leverage social media content and advertisements to appeal to this crowd – or if you post your content in their forums directly – it’s very likely that they’ll be able to avail your services. 

Take advantage of client comments and testimonials.

If clients commend you as one of the best long distance moving companies out there, you shouldn’t hesitate to add those testimonials and comments to your marketing campaigns. Focus on comments your clients tell you during and after availing your service, and ask if you can feature them in your website or in the content you’re writing. This adds a personal touch to your ads and even in-site content, and can really set you apart from your contemporaries.

Accommodate different kinds of audiences throughout your posts.

It’s nice to be putting information about your company as a “moving company,” but make sure your posts also focus on other aspects of your company. This adds a lot of flexibility for the posts and content you can make, and can appeal to different audiences. This can help you a lot, considering different percentages of households move to different kinds of places (with statistics saying people make partial moves, moves to studio apartments, and houses with different-numbered rooms). These kinds of audiences have different needs and problems that your company can solve, so make sure you make content – be it a post, or an image and infographic – that can help solve these concerns. 

Move Up the Industry with leverage Social Media: Help Your Movers Get Noticed!

With the above tips in mind, you might be surprised to realize that you have a lot of assets and resources you can use to improve your moving company’s social media presence. Remember, just because you focus heavily on “getting the job done” doesn’t mean you can’t share what you’re doing to the world. If you leverage social media capacity to spread word about what you do and what value you’re offering, it’s very likely for your moving business to get widely known – not just in your area, but maybe globally!

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