How To Become A Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developer

If just a couple of years ago you knew nothing about the blockchain and how cryptocurrency works, you can still be a blockchain developer. You’ve graduated from “How to buy Bitcoins with cash?” type of questions to “How do hashes work?”

Doesn’t matter how much experience you have with coding either. There are so many ways to learn how to start coding and then move on into the world of blockchain development. As long as you have passion for learning and can devote yourself to this full time, then you can be creating the future of the blockchain yourself.

It won’t be easy and there is a long way to go, but the tips below will get you started out on your journey to be a top notch blockchain developer. 

Learn how the blockchain works

This part should be the most obvious but it bears mentioning that you need to familiarize yourself with how the blockchain works at its most basic level. 

You’ll need to at least grasp how encryption works and how the individual blocks are made.

This is fundamental to being a developer as the whole thing relies on cryptography. Without this understanding, you won’t be able to make a workable application or software that can work on the blockchain.

Once you feel like you get the concepts behind it then you can move on to more complicated lessons.

Learn how the process works

Ok, you get the idea behind the blockchain, but now you need to understand how these things come together to make it work.

This involves learning about mining and consensus and how these things come to be. Mining is not complicated to do as there is software that does it for you. But, try to get under the hood of how this actually works and what the mining procedure is done. Figure out how consensus works and why it’s important to the blockchain.

Start coding

This is when you will be getting your hands dirty. You’ll need to learn certain languages to get started on the blockchain. You don’t need to be an expert, but you will need to be able to do some coding to then move onto creating blocks.

The languages you will need to get familiar with are C++, Java, Python and Solidity. Pick a couple from the list and get to work learning them. C++ and Java will be a good place to start as so much of the web is done with these two languages. 

Go to bootcamp

Once you feel comfortable with your coding skills, you should join a bootcamp to learn how to be an actual developer for the blockchain. You will dive in deep to learn how to put everything you’ve learned into practice. 

The best part is that you may even be able to get a job when you finish up. The other students in the bootcamp will also become part of your network so they will help you along in the journey, too. 

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