The Best Tower Server for Small Business

Tower Server

When it comes to your small business or running more than one computer on a network, the use of a server increases efficiency exponentially. In addition to the security of your data, there are several benefits of implementing any kind of server for your company. Everyday tasks are simplified and workflow is streamlined. With several options on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which server is the best fit for your company. Know about best tower server for small business

Does my small business need a server?

Small businesses can benefit from a server by providing security and protection of company data. As opposed to saving crucial business files on an individual computer or external hard drive where it is vulnerable, keeping it stored on a server is the more reliable option. Viruses, human error, or hardware failure, for example, can result in significant data loss and these risks are mitigated with the use of a server. Remote accessibility and the ability to work without being onsite is another benefit of implementing a server for your small business. 

How much does server cost for a small business?

With several options available and the power to customize your server based on your business’s needs, you ultimately decide how much to budget for. A basic Dell tower server is available starting at $599 and can go upwards to the multiple thousands. Renting is another popular choice for small businesses due to the lower upfront costs. The ideal choice of how much to spend for your small business depends largely on how much data you need to store and how much processing power you need to be able to access the files.  

How do I choose a server for my business?

Choosing between a tower server and a rackmount server for your company mostly depends on the nature of your business. Tower servers are the cheapest servers available. As the entry-level option, it provides the basic benefits of safeguarding your crucial files and is easy to upgrade and customize. Rackmount servers, on the other hand, offer substantial computing power. If your small business relies heavily on large files and the use of information technology, a tower server may not provide enough power. For a more in-depth analysis on the pros and cons of these two types of server options, read here

What’s the best tower server for my business?

An HP server is a popular choice for small businesses. Because of its quality, reliability, and ease of use, an HP server can be found both in small and medium-sized businesses across the globe. The amount of configurations available allows you to customize it specifically to your company’s needs while providing the possibility of upgrades and enhancements in the future. Whether you choose a brand new or Certified Refurbished HP tower server, the HP Proliant series will enhance your workflow while providing insurance for your company’s data.

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