7 Best Landing Page Optimization Practices

7 Best Landing Page Optimization Practices

Landing Page Optimization is the process of improving the elements of the landing page to increase the visitors-to-leads generation rate. If you are just starting, or even if you started long back, there is always a need to consider some landing page optimization practices for your website. You can use visitor tracking, session replay software, and landing page optimization tools and create sales funnel analysis by these tools.

Web Page Optimization

Identifying the potential problems

One of the most common mistakes that marketers often make is that they do not tackle the issues one at a time. Instead, after identifying the problem, they change the entire setup. This is not how a landing page optimization technique needs to be executed.

Seven techniques to help you optimize the landing page

1. Keeping the prime elements above the others

First things first! When your key concern is the optimization of the page, then this rule should top all. It is very much like how the newspapers highlight the most important news in the headline section. That, in turn, yields more attention to the intended part. This is exactly what we need to take care of while designing the landing page.


2. Updating the contact information

Your visitors can be provided with contact information in numerous ways. One simple way is to put the mail ID and the phone number out there on the landing page. Another way is to incorporate contact forms. An easy-to-access contact route inculcates a sense of ease and hassle-free surfing over your web.

Contact Information

3. Putting out an image depicting the offer

Image is that part of the landing page that can’t possibly be done away with. The image catches the attention of the visitors before anything else. Hence, it is supposed to be chosen accordingly. Put an image that best describes your offer to the prospective customers. Make sure that you do not end up creating a mess. Your image need not merely be eye-catching but shall also be an effective idea communicator.

Product Image

4. Keeping your page responsive

You must have gone through a lot of websites that turn out to be unresponsive midway. Effectively tackling the unresponsive elements of the landing page will make sure that the page is well-optimized. To make the work easier, you can go with the tools that keep an eye on the responsiveness and rev up all-device accessibility.


5. A call-to-action remark

Content is the key but not the sum and substance of the business. You’d eventually want the visitor to get to the product or the service that you are providing. There are ample means to generate a call-to-action remark. You need to plan and execute it in such a way that the prospects do not feel forced. Behavioral analytics tools like WatchThemLive will help you understand the points of interest and disinterest from the user’s point of view based on the feedback received from the website visitor tracking. Be creative and concise about what the customer is expected to do. The landing page optimization is rather expected to run smoothly and be enjoyable.

Phone Button

6. Set up a thank-you page

Just like how we do it in a brick-and-mortar business, the same way, we’re expected to genuinely express our gratitude to the visitors. Besides, it is also a means of data collection. While dealing with landing page optimization, you must track how far your web content has reached to keep the prospect hooked. Hence, a thank-you goes a long way.

Thank You

7. Adding testimonials

Think about the sense of doubt that creeps in whenever we are just a step away from buying anything. Like, if it would stand our expectations or not? Or, if the product would turn out as promised? So many questions. The solution? Testimonials it is. Testimonials build a sense of confidence and comfort in the customers. They can be conveyed in text, video, or image form.



While the internet might be buzzing with a lot of landing page optimization techniques, you need to focus on the ones that suit your content and purpose. Whatever business you’re dealing in, you shall make sure that quality information is being provided to the visitors. The content that you put out there is going to decide the value of your business in the long run.

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