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OWASP 10 – Best Way to Deal with Risks Associated with Mobile Applications

OWASP Top 10: As the mobile application consumers are growing day by day similarly the convenience element associated with the usage of mobile applications has also significantly increased. This is the main reason companies are going with the option of OWASP mobile top 10 lists because it very well highlights the securities laws and various abilities associated […]

Top 5 Android Cleaner Apps That Really Boost Your Device

Deep cleaning may not be a necessity for Android devices but having a good android phone cleaner in your phone can make a lot of difference. Using Android cleaner apps, you may boost device performance, extend battery life and remove all the unnecessary cache and junk files from your smartphone. Not just limited to it, […]

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Chatting

Instant mobile best apps for chatting, making online friends, and hanging out virtually has been the new trend of present times. The world of social networks attracts us. We are getting much fun in tagging, exchanging pictures, videos, stories, and conversations have made our boring life into an adventurous roller coaster ride. We are no […]

How can eLearning Apps Reduce Pandemic Effects on Education System?

eLearning Apps: Education has largely moved online – all due to the COVID pandemic showing no signs of slowing down. According to the world economic forum reports, a severe demand for language-based mobile applications, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, and online learning software has been found. The question is does this abrupt transition compensate well […]

Best Practices For Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development, Combination of both native apps and web applications is known as Hybrid apps. The shell of application can connect to the capabilities that a mobile platform provides through a browser. The hybrid apps are now well-matured and quickly deployable. They are also time-effective, which becomes an advantage. Also, it doesn’t require a […]

Spyier – The Best Facebook Messenger Hack App 2020

Hack Facebook Messenger: Thanks to the advancement in technology, connecting with people across the globe have become very seamless. From the comfort of one’s home, it’s easy to reach out to anyone from all over the world. Social media become one of the biggest inventions as far as technology and communication are concerned. Without any […]

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