Apple Fitness+ – A New Personalized Fitness Experience comes to Life with Apple Watch

Apple Fitness+

Apple has launched Apple Fitness+ in Cupertino, California. The company has built this first-ever fitness experience for its users of Apple Watch.

This Apple Fitness app intelligently utilizes Apple Watch metrics to provide visuals straight on users’ Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone. Similarly, Apple Fitness+ also facilitates users with an unprecedented experience of personalized workouts.

Either you are a beginner or a dedicated exerciser you can easily reach studio-style exercises and workouts. These workouts and exercises are delivered by world-class inspirational trainers.

To make exercises and workouts easier and fun, motivating music has also been added created by notorious artists. So, the users feel rewarded for exercising anywhere and whenever they want.

Feeling the excitement? Know more!

All these features help users to remain energized and excited in the journey to be active using Apple Watch. This Apple Fitness app is indeed the greatest contribution from health technologies.

Engagement and Intelligence

You will get personalized recommendations which will assist you to move to the next workout quickly. Also, to keep you motivated throughout the workout, Apple Watch will provide an immersive and engaging experience.

The application has a personalized recommendation engine that contributes a lot to refer new options. Using intelligence, data of previously done workouts, and the frequently preferred options, Fitness+ recommends something new to maintain an existing routine of workout.

Likewise, you can also filter and select customized options such as the most-suited workout to improve your fitness, music you want to listen, duration of the workout, and the trainer. All this is possible by simply using its built-in filtering tool.

If you have already subscribed to Apple Music, you can easily listen and save your favorite music list from Fitness+ even after completing your workouts.

The moment you choose and begin a workout on your Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone, on your Apple Watch the correct type of workout will start automatically.

While doing your workout, for inspiring and motivating you, your Apple Watch will transfer its metrics to the screen. For instance, when your trainer asks you to check your heart rate or to start a timer for countdown these stats will animate in the shape of numbers on your screen.

Burn Bar:

This option is for those who want to join a healthy competition. Now match your performance with your competitors to check how well you have done your workouts using the burn bar option. If you won any activity familiar to your competitors it will ring on the screen of your Apple Watch.

Your progress will highlight on the screen and animated celebrations will also be launched on your screen.

Activity Sharing Option:

Share your success with your family and friends after completing workouts using this option. Moreover, you can also share your workouts and progress on social media.

You can easily get the Fitness+ app in iPhone’s Fitness app tab. However, this application is also available on Apple TV, and iPad.

Studio Workouts

Yoga, mindful and core cooldown, cycling, rowing, dance, strength, treadmill, and HIIT are the popular workouts that will have launched by Apple Fitness+. Each of these workouts is escorted by amazing music and trainers.

The fitness+ trainers’ team every week will provide fresh workouts for you from their studios. These workouts will be in a various range of music genres, disciplines, and lengths so, for you, there will always be something new to explore.

Beginner Programs

If you are a newbie or resuming the workout again, Fitness+ has a built-in absolute program for the beginner. This program will guide you with the fundamentals of exercise and movement and will facilitate you to get ready to join Studio Workouts.

Fitness+ refers many brands of exercising kits and equipment however, you can also do workouts of Fitness+ without any equipment or kits, or by using a single kit of dumbbells.

If you are opting to initiate Fitness+ treadmill sessions using machines enabled with Apple GymKit, you need to connect your Apple Watch with this machine to synchronize the metrics.

A Warm Welcome by the Trainers of the Fitness+

When you launch this application, a charismatic and passionate team of trainers specialized in their domains will welcome you through a video message.

This diverse team will collectively work to plan, design, and create personalized fitness workouts that will give an outstanding experience. You will get to know inspirational stories by each of these trainers.

Spanning founders of fitness clubs, ironman champions, health coaches, personal trainers, professional athletes, marathoners, gymnasts, martial artists, yogis, and various others, the trainers of Fitness+ will provide you a multidimensional and inviting experience.


One of the core values of Apple company is privacy which is a basic human right. Privacy is the most dominant aspect that was kept in mind by the company while designing all features of Fitness+ especially those linked with your health.


So, get your Fitness+ application today to start your exciting journey toward fitness and betterment.

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