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location tracking app

Children growing up in a generation that is full of the Internet and its uses. The Internet has widely spread all over the world and FamiSafe location control app helps us in getting touch with our children Through the means of the Internet. This application is a location tracking app that helps the parents getting the live location tracking of their child. This is a parental control app that makes it easy for parents to have an eye on their child. The features of the most reliable FamiSafe parental control app are sharing of live location, location history tracking and even getting location history checking.

Outstanding features of the location tracker app

• The location tracking services provided by the app would be used by the parents for protecting their kids from unsafe areas and irrelevant places that they do not want their child to visit. Location services on the device of your child play a protective role in keeping save the innocent children who are unaware of the cruelty of the outside world.

features of the location tracker app
features of the location tracker app

• Children are the purpose of life for their parents and every parent is ready to take any measures to protect their child. The thought of their child being in an uncertain place can be hilarious. But the location tracking services and sharing of live location can keep the parents out of this threat and make them less worried.

• The parents could easily check the places visited by their child in the whole day. FamiSafe parental control app Help the parents getting the exact timetable and schedule of the child and its location. You may even set the time ranges that your child should follow the whole day.

• The geofencing technology provided by this application can easily help you in tracking your kids.

Significance of geofencing by location tracker app

  • When their child is using a smartphone, the parents are always worried about the insecurities. Geofence alert can help them in creating a great help as the parents could keep a check on the location of the device to know where their child is. Geofencing is a technology that sets up a virtual boundary on the geographical area of the real world. This boundary is a measure of great importance since when your child enters or leaves the certain space decided by you then the parents get a quick instant alert.
location tracker
  • This could be the best way in finding the kids and the teens. Change the parents are busy hold along in doing the work your children can go to a bar or club without getting permitted by you. And providing your kids smartphones at an early age could harm them and even end up with the child approaching some places that are unsafe for them. The geofences can help the parents in getting instant alerts when their child enters a specific region that is not allowed by them.

Pricing plans offered by FamiSafe location control app

Famous in has been known for the fordable subscription plans that that is offered by the site having the best features. This subscription plan suits the budget of every parent who wants their child to be safe and secure all around. Subscriptions could be a form of a monthly package, quarterly package, and even available as annual packages. The monthly packages cost about $ 9.99 month which can give you the accessibility of Protecting up to 5 devices with all the same features provided by the app.

The quarterly plan costs about $19.99 per quarter which is equivalent to $6.66 per month.  The quarterly subscription gives you the connectivity of up to 10 devices. The most beneficial plan offered by the location tracker app is the annual subscription. This costs about $59.99 per year which is equivalent to $4.99 per month.  it gives you the maximum connectivity with up to 30 devices with all the features of the application.


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Wrapping up of the best and most trusted FamiSafe parental control app

You can easily limit the places where your child goes frequently and can get access to the places where your child goes most often. The parents now need not worry about the location history of their child since they can easily keep attached with them. If your kids secretly leave school without getting permitted by you then the parents can easily get around the location where their children are now. Healthy digital habits can easily be cultivated in children by using these kinds of apps. This has made parenting easier for the parents. The kids can now not go to dangerous places and brought unsafety for them. The parents can easily love their kids and keep them safe at the same time. We have provided you proximately every detail about the location tracking app.

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