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Website Designing

You may direct a lot of traffic to your website through extensive marketing efforts, but the same numbers do not reflect in your sales or business opportunities. What do you think could be going wrong? Are the people visiting your website from a profile different from the one you targeted? Is there something wrong with the selection of platforms for marketing? Maybe, maybe not. It is highly likely that the profile and marketing platforms are perfect. The problem could be as fundamental as the design created by your website designing company in India.

You need an attractive website to the target audience, grow your business from the current website presence. The website design has been mentioned as necessary because that is the central core of your business. This is what imparts information about the company to the consumers. This is where the consumer looks for details. This is where the consumers form an impression about your business, and this is where they decide whether or not you are worth their custom.

A website can not be succeeded by limited aspects such as low design, content. It needs an attractive design that will improve your website user experience and functionality. To ensure that the website does not turn away too many consumers, i.e., it has a low bounce rate, the website designing company in India needs to pay special attention to some key design elements of the website.

Key Design Elements for better Website Designing


While this is an essential aspect of web design firm, this is not the whole-and-sole of it. The aesthetics can be customized as per the user segment, but when a product addresses a broad spectrum of people, it is best to keep it simple and dignified. This should also ensure that the critical elements of the website, such as the menus, the content, and the call-to-action buttons, stand out and are easily accessible to consumers. If a website does not appeal to the consumers, there is a high chance that the consumers will skip it without browsing.


As the consumer lands on a page through a link, what he sees must be relevant. This is revealed by the first thing he sees, and that is the headline of the page. Creating a concise and relevant caption will encourage the visitor to probe further, nudging him in the direction of conversion.

Visuals and Media

The visuals, while being compelling and relevant, should not overload the website. The trend for the season is animated graphics as the background of the website. The usage of all media is welcome but should be optimized to keep the website loading in a good time. 

Loading Time

In line with the above point, loading the website with visuals and media, assuming that it will be attractive for visitors, can have a detrimental effect on the loading time of the website. Consumers have low levels of patience and tend to move to a competitor website if yours does not load within three seconds or less.

Easy Navigation

The consumer should not have to struggle to find a particular section of the website. The menus should not look daunting and should be arranged neatly with the right items tucked under the right heads. The new trend is to have a concealed list, which is easily accessible. A search function also helps in finding things quickly around a website.

Short Questionnaires

Collecting information and building a database is an essential aspect of a business. This is where a contact form helps. When the consumer is willing to share information with you, long and detailed types tend to drive him away. Instead, collect the necessary information. The rest of the information can be obtained at later stages, that too just enough as required for business terms.

Trust Building Factors

If the consumers trust you, they will buy from you. Display your security features prominently and share the trust shown in you by other customers. Keep this easily accessible for the visitors to explore.

Include Social Sharing Buttons

If your website doesn’t have social share buttons, you could miss out on social media traffic to your website or blog. Social sharing buttons are around the top or bottom of your website or blog posts. They include the icons of different social media platforms and allows your job directly on social media channels.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these, there are dynamic factors that need to be updated, such as sales, offers, discounts, and giveaways. These need to be displayed prominently in a very eye-catching manner. These offers are what drive the transactions in the lean periods. All said and done, none of these will work if the website designing company in Gurgaon has not taken care to ensure that your site is designed for the best experience on a mobile device. So, make it responsive and see the impact of the design!

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