5 Apps That Can Help You Start a Side Business Ideas with Minimal Risk

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Side business ideas: Starting a new business as a way to build on top of your monthly wage seems like a considerable challenge, as you already work a job and don’t really have lots of time to work with.  

Luckily, having a side hustle is much easier nowadays. There are plenty of apps and tools that can help today’s entrepreneurs get almost any kind of side business Ideas up and running without taking too much of their time.

Apps, software, tools, and solutions, in general, are highly affordable nowadays, meaning you can start your side gig with minimal investments too. 

You can get it right from the start if you know which apps are best for you. Here are just five of our favorite apps that make running a side business a breeze.

Ultimate Business Plan Starter

Before you can start making money and earning repeat customers with your side business ideas, you’re going to need a plan. The Ultimate Business Plan Starter application is a free tool for would-be entrepreneurs. 

This solution can help you to create a plan for how you’re going to launch and build your side business ideas. It guides you through the process of entering various kinds of information into your plan, including your competitive advantage, promotional strategy and more.

Although having a full business plan might not seem like the most important consideration for a side gig, the truth is that without a valid strategy, you might end up failing. A strong business plan helps to ensure that everyone in your team stays on the right path. 

The plan elements in this app also include specific categories, like financial assumptions and executive summaries. You will reduce the business risk if you keep your data safe. Consider educating yourself on the importance of file backups and look for solutions that are suitable for your venture.


There are few things more important to any business than earning a consistent income. To make sure that you get the money that you’re owed for essential products and services, you need an invoicing system that you can rely on. 

KBilling is one of the most popular invoicing tools available for today’s small businesses. Not only are the invoices easy to customize, but the system is also very affordably priced too. 

Within this invoicing software, you’ll find everything you need to issue quotes, create a customer database, and even manage previous invoices. What’s more, invoices can be billed directly to credit cards, and you can easily add late fees to your overdue invoices too. 

With this handy software, you’ll even be able to calculate shipping costs. With a wide range of in-built reports to help you better understand cash flow, KBilling has everything a small business needs.

Small Business Inventory Control Pro 

Small business inventory control pro is a useful tool intended to help today’s product-based businesses keep track of their inventory. If you’re running a side business ideas that delivers physical items to customers around the world, then this app will help. 

All you need to do is download the app and upload the relevant information about your products and solutions. From there, you’ll be able to use the app to track everything from payments to vendors to product inventories. 

Small Business Inventory Control Pro can also offer insightful reports on inventory costs, the retail value of your inventory and more. This makes it easier to track the growth and progress of your company over time. 

Aside from giving business owners an easier way to manage their products, this app also comes with options to create your own purchasing orders and invoices. What’s more, you can set up bundled deals for improved sales too. 

Email Hunter

When you officially launch your business, your main focus will be on drumming up business as quickly as possible. 

When you start to do this, you need to make sure that you’re not sending emails to random “info@company” email addresses. Instead, you need to make sure that you’re reaching the right person

If you’re trying to connect with someone new, it’s not always possible to find their email address just hanging out at the bottom of a website. 

Fortunately, Email Hunter can help businesses to overcome this issue. With Email Hunter, you can add a domain into a search bar, then look through millions of records in seconds. 

The software delivers all the email addresses it can find associated with your search. From there, you should be able to find the exact email addresses of the people you want to reach. The easier it is for you to get in touch with the right people, the more likely you are to get business.


The chances are that you won’t want to spend a fortune on real-estate for your side business. After all, you’ll be looking to keep costs as low as possible. Unfortunately, you can only take so many meetings in coffee shops and living rooms before professionals begin to question your background. 

Fortunately, the Breather app will allow you to access office buildings and spaces when you need them most. You can rent the space by the hour, so you’re only paying for exactly what you need when you have a new client to win over, or you want to get some extra work done. 

Breather is great for finding meeting spaces on the fly, and some spaces start at as little as $15 an hour, so you’re sure to find something that’s suitable for your budget.

Starting your Side Business

Now that we all have so many smart tech solutions and applications to help us, anyone can start their own company and follow their dreams. 

The key to success with any side venture is making sure that you have the right plan in place and the right tools to help you achieve your goals. 

While the five tools above are great for getting started, don’t be afraid to do your research and build on your handy app portfolio too. You’re sure to find more useful apps as you go. 

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