Video Ideas for Instagram: The 21st Century Marketing

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Social media marketing has become an irreplaceable instrument of rampant brand awareness, sales, and promotion on a global scale. Due to the easy accessibility and well-engineered algorithms of these platforms, Video Marketing has taken an upper hand in the digital era. The free viewer tools are truly helping a lot to view any kinds of videos on Instagram. Video for Instagram, Instagram is a perfect epitome of the unconventional marketing of the 21st century.

While every brand struggles to build an attractive Instagram feed, Video Marketing has proven to seek the most attention. Your Instagram videos speak volumes about your brand, is it telling the right story? Some general guidelines to keep in mind while creating a promotional video for Instagram are as follows; Your content must be precise and up-to-the-point so that people don’t bounce off your feed without scrolling any further. The footage or imagery used must be authentic and appealing. Be it aesthetic, vintage, color-popping, or abstract, always maintain a theme for your feed because that’s how it stands out. Make sure that your video gives a clear message or CTA. Use an online Instagram video editor to customize the video for a pitch-perfect outcome

Here are 10 most popular ideas for video marketing on Instagram 


There’s nothing more catchy than boomerangs of all sorts. Be it hilarious or artsy, people love watching boomerangs. It is an effective promotional tool if captured wisely. It could be an excited user unboxing your product, your team celebrating a massive turnover in sales, or anything at all that you find sharable and Instagram-worthy. An important aspect to remember is that you are not only increasing brand awareness but also ensuring customer affinity so don’t hesitate on making it personal. 

Throwback Thursday

Such videos are like souvenirs for your brand and its followers. Post a video clipping or testimonial of a kind reminding your followers about the various activities and achievements from the past that you as a brand truly cherish. For instance, “2019 this day, we made ‘Product Of The Week’ on Product Hunt. #Nostalgia”

Time Lapse

Time-lapse videos are satisfactory and fulfilling. Such videos need the utmost creativity and camera quality in order to seek maximum customer engagement. Ensure that your camera angles highlight your product. Set the pace of your video in a way that viewers don’t miss out on anything. You can give your footage the professional touch it needs with the help of online Instagram video editors.

Behind The Scenes

Providing insights into the manufacturing process of your product, a peek into your brand’s new year’s celebration, or just a gist of your community circle are ways in which you can stimulate trust in your followers and potential consumers. Such videos fetch an abundance of views since people are always curious to know what goes behind the making of your glorious final products. 


‘Graphics Interchange Format’ popularly known as GIFS and Memes are the dominant language of the 21st century. These are humorous in nature and are the most rapidly shared content on the internet today. While creating memes and gifs could be head-cracking, the outcome is totally worth it. Your gifs must not be wordy at all since the duration of the video is barely a few seconds. Promoting your brand through a meme compilation video for instagram can find you a place on the feature page of Instagram since this type of content is extremely relatable. 

Interviews and Giveaways

Interviews with celebrity users/influential personalities or a user reacting to your product, etc can get you immense popularity on Instagram. You can also upload video clippings of product giveaways so as to boost your sales dynamically. 

Celebratory/festive videos 

Make videos centering national holidays and festivals with the best of promo video templates. Bring a splash of freshness into your feed and celebrate every festival with your customers. Make sure that your video has fascinating imagery, content, and graphics.

Influencer Videos 

A minute-long video of an influencer endorsing your brand with maximum creativity can go a long way. It can not only increase brand awareness but also boost sales remarkably. It is one of the most contemporary methods of marketing in the era where characters of the OTT platforms are idolized.

Product Feature Videos

A feature video highlights the user-selling points of your brand in a subtle yet ironically direct manner. It stimulates the highest level of brand promotion. You can create your own product video by following the step-by-step instructions of Instagram Ads Tutorials. 

Promos and deals

Astound your followers and potential customers by the whooping deals on your brand and steal the Instagram spotlight. Select among a massive range of free promo video templates, ones that suit the look and feel of your brand in the most optimal way, and create a promo video from scratch in minutes. 

Instagram holds a never-ending array of opportunities for the perfect brand placement and awareness of your product/service. It is ever-expanding and helps boost sales depending on the level of creativity you manage to show on your feed. Be the 21st-century marketer and shake hands with Instagram.


Hope, you’ve got better idea of the videos that you should be using on your account and found this post helpful. Try them one by one, and see what may fits well. But the most important thing is using Hashtags, and if you are short of ideas and don’t know which hashtags are in trend and used more and often then I suggest to use Hashtags Research Tool such as and that will help your videos get discovered, else you may miss the attention and efforts won’t be result oriented.

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